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Monday, October 4, 2010

Arterial Self, Problem m

Problem m: Thrilling & the Three Episodes
The early hours of the morning are pregnant, expectant with the happenings of the day to come. Caught in that pause before sunrise, that waiting watchfulness, alive in a darkness complete, the anticipation of the future's presence stirs through the being of all that sleeps ...

With this approaching, there has galloped in the tides of new life that lap impatiently at the edge of this new day. As the forces of the preceding empty out, those of the new thrill to the wakefulness immanent within the World.
Ever so, the lesser example sets the patterns found elsewhere throughout all realms, as is here in our story of impending evolution. Such anticipation as is known within those early hours when life crams its way in, when the ethers are charged with the effluence of a new existence, this same lively expectation gathers also at such evolutionary interludes as we are now experiencing, when Man and all the Kingdoms which he conducts, has arrived at the pre-dawn of his arterial knowing.

Nightly we are summoned to our Father God, as also in yet a slighter fashion we return to Him with every closing of an eyelid - when a man blinks in just the natural course of his wakeful day, he is in this part referring back continuously. Just as with the action of sleep, there is upon us an 'unknowing' in which the involuntary actions of withdrawal (momentary or prolonged) are unrecalled by the consciousness, though vital to its very life and continuance.

Whenever there is an inactive representation in manifestation, there has been a resumption with God. He keeps and protects all those which have vacated their natural place. If they have made an exit or not yet fulfilled their perimeters of existence, He houses those parts of their beings until such time as it is so.

When we began this arterial examining we chose issue with futures that befell prematurely. By contrast today we can go on to study the excellent importance of a future which is perfectly placed in relative time and exacting to the needs of the beings enclosed, when the spiritual worlds swell with their intuitive foreknowledge and forewonder at those very things awaiting.

The principle of all returns withdrawing to Father God explains something also of the 'empty' existence. Often it is asked, "How can things appear so, yet not be so?" This does of course, occur on many levels whereby what one may imagine from past knowledge to be there quite simply isn't, and yet could be if conditions were forthcoming.

Think for a moment of an idiot-born child, this child is represented as almost he would and could be, but does not go on in this life to fully represent himself in his arterial consciousness. But where is his latent being and this self-ego consciousness? It is quite literally kept with God.

This is not speaking in figurative terms, but is plainly meant - and to great purpose - for as long as Father God Himself safekeeps something, someone, some element of being which is held back from manifesting, for whatever reason, then when it does come into its perfect timing it has been protected in such a way that there is still remaining the freedom of that signature expression and of being to become so. Verily there would be no safe place to shelter from all other influence if it were not for Father God.

This occurs upon all planes of being, for men also, because they simply cannot be simultaneously active in their conscious expression in every way that is possible for them. Wherever it is that they reside in self-consciousness there are portions of that soul-mind or ego-mind which are illuminated, active and receptively knowing; whilst also there are many other faculty impressions and reasonings which are at any given time not functioning. And, we may say once again, that if something is 'not there' yet with the possibility and promise of being so, then it is safe-guarded with our Father God - from Whom all things began, and to Whom all shall return. So when the future enters in it does so fresh from our Father God, and the anticipations summoned in the surrounding souls is one of thrilling to His emissaries becoming apparent.

For this reason it is most natural for men to cleave to habitual behavior. The higher set sequence of withdrawal, anticipation and their return, can be satisfactorily mimicked or played out in all kinds of habitual routine which becomes pleasing to a man, moreso for the habit than for the substance itself. Children delight in this set sequence, and for adults the issue here is to be comfortable arterially with all of its phases, and come to welcome and honor all three.

This stop/pause/start, exhale/rest/inhale, die/withdraw/revive principle of episode, provides us with an ongoing continuity. If we are fearful during the period of pausing, resting or withdrawing, that we are subject to an uncontained void, then it is natural to inhibit the process of due future, by hesitating at its preliminaries - as similarly, the man who denies himself the proper time required for a restful sleep. We may disrupt our spiritual anticipatings with a consciousness that refuses to let go, and cease and die unto itself; one that is gripped by an anxiety, a 'Fatherlessness' anxiety, which can't recall God because it cannot entertain the consciousness of non-existence. (But this is not for all time and all men to come. Future-man can actually embrace Father God in his full wakeful mind and know Him consciously).

On the other hand any one of those three elements may be disproportionately indulged in by a man also. This then sets up a spiritual illness of a kind: the exaggeration of promoting life through death is one which we have discussed previously; as is too the man who is forever seeking the thrill of the forthcoming, to-ing and fro-ing in and out of excitement to excitement, without giving commensurate maintenance to preparation and cessation of those things entered into aforehand. Then there are those sleepy individuals who take rest within themselves and are rarely provoked into a fuller manifestation.

All three modes can become so fixed that the overall man is sickened by that fixation and this can be witnessed in the subsequent personality (which can and does, continue on with or without arterial/set conscious deliberating).

The illness of becoming too fixed into death is not pessimism as one might first presume, it is moreover a misplaced, poorly gauged optimism. It is an offbeat optimism which is divorced from the underpinning realities - insensitive to the psychology of true futures ordained - one which can no longer interpret the intimations of their accompanying Angels or intuitive resources enough to understand the right timing.

This is a misguided optimism because it suggests incorrectly that "everything will be all right in the end no matter what the case". It relies on the Father God to whom we can withdraw to, but does not take the responsibility for consciousness at all in this. It is a nonsense to say that "everything will work out just fine" if the timing was out and the purpose was gone. Too much sun, too little water or too much compost makes too little plant. Overall every component of life has its exact requirements to survive and it is deathly to not respect this.

New Ageism has promoted a laziness of this kind, whereby the truth is out of context and exaggerated to the point of an unhealthy soul-view. It is surely not enough to merely trust in death and in sleep, without also having a commitment to wakefulness and to life itself. This commitment must necessarily follow through to the immediate stations, those placings where we reside. Over many incarnations a man will find himself in countries and occupations and in social placings that are defined by his effort; all different, but nonetheless reliant upon his exertion of self.

The physical problems which result from too much death are the extraction from life, the excarnating whereby in subsequent lives the man may be born with redundant limbs or senses, requiring that his effort be all the more driven, and the will once again motivated into life itself. The inanimation of a man does give time to Father God, being a 'saving' grace indeed.

Conversely, what of the powers expended in revival and life when indulged in to excess? This, as wasted fruit does sour into pessimism. The man or woman who overly takes revival out of time and out of proper context, looks for life also where it has not yet chanced. However, as things are wont to do in working backwards within the soul-nature of an individual, the pessimism knows that cessation and death are required, but once again does not known when. It is true to say that when a man is brought to excessive wealth for example, he is known to suffer within himself an emptiness, an unfulfilment and a dread of loss, a pessimism if you will, and so forth. This is the consequence of seeking out too much early life when dusk has come.

Too much wakeful consciousness when it is proper time for the mind to rest becomes painful in the extreme. Too much light to eyes that do not close; too much false hope inevitably promotes inherent gloom.

The illness which comes from this self-seeking, self-gratifying and selfish temperament is tragically tumourous. The overgrowth is largely related to a man whose own natural forces become saturated in this pessimism, this doubt, fear and grave distrust. 

The back-tide to overly indulging in anticipation is realism. This pre-dawn existence is most likely the preferable on which to be fixed. However, even with its connecting bridge from Heaven to Earth, when stayed in, out of the context of the three, it too promotes an illness in a man, and this is one of addiction: obsessive, addictive dependence.

Realism says "I know what is to come"; and often an individual in small ways can set about to preordain an experience for himself that he may know this and prove himself right. It does lead however to a false sense of a) self importance and b) foreknowledge as it stands. Self-fulfilled prophesies hold no lasting value and addictions of any kind feed upon themselves eventually taking more life than they offer.

Having travailed the exaggerated aspects given to isolation, we can now look and find what it means to a man to hold all three equally in his Arterial Soul-consciousness. For one thing it means to say that our 'multi-level freeway intersection' has its red, amber and green traffic lamps! For another it tells us of the very pattern of early being, that we may come to change, rested, prepared and awake.

Dialogue requires these three elements to be lively and fruitful overall. So too do all components to living, from our arterial relationships to our digesting of food. There are periods of that which must come to a close, with then the quiet that follows, preparing for new issue descending from Heaven.

In this knowledge lies many useful secrets for Man. His keys to understanding and interpreting how life flows, in arterial currencies, will be markedly assuaged if he can find which of the three phases he is in at any given time, so that he may prepare for that to follow. 

All problems can be applied to so. Impatience can be quelled and the patterns surrounding may begin to make the mysterious ever more legible as we are drawn out from our Father God's essence and personified.

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