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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Father God the Constant- Good Friday 28th March 1997

Are the colors to be bleached from their beauty?
That only sadness be distilled from the memory?
We pray, Oh Christ, that you return again,
To accelerate this World yet further.

ON the day of the bleeding lamb, of the Crucifixion, it was the gentle creatures, those of uninjurious character, who were most afflicted; abandoned from their joys and severed from their host, knowing the very pain that the World now split beneath with.

In vile passion, the greediness of a brother's jealous claim betook all things of Creation and attempted to never them out to our Lord. In grim sequence, the demon armies shouldered the mournful darkness, whilst pervading the discontent peoples, as the reality of the past progress summoned itself once again, in a readiness for ever a repetition.

The light had gone out from their eyes, as they say, and from the World, and its eyes so too had withdrawn. The Sun, which was now but a sham, bled a pale and meager counterpart, whilst this brother maintained his inheritance, contaminating the peoples with the sin of their refusal of Christ - the very One who had entrusted His own fortitude, and invested His own wealth with them.

All over new life began to perish, as the etheric kingdom was thus dismayed; its pulse interrupted, its very life brought down. Sorrow rent the abiding angels, who with like sympathies compelling them, each now were impaled upon a cross. From here to Heaven the seizuring sky was length to length with the crucified Angelus.

Blood wept out from everything. His own made saturate the grieving, lamenting earth beneath, and it ached with the pressure of the many demons now released as the gate-neck to Hell had relaxed and had opened.

With a new pretence roles shifted with predatorial claim, as though it were that indeed all of the dark thoughts Humanity had ever borne, now began to congeal and compound and took form of their own. Configurations of mutation slid over into evil design, insisting and insinuating itself threateningly amongst the good and the holy…..but then our Father God was present and prevailed.

No good thing was reformed into wanting, no concealed spirit was left naked and frighteningly vulnerable. The properties of this evil could enhance itself but it could not go on to glamorize true substance - those good things that bore our dear Christ's Love.

Father God had presided and prevailed, for He is Continuum. He mended the seeping hollows. He closed the demon-bleeding portals. He encloaked the naive men's souls. He made space for the Hope of this realm to return. For no good thing had really changed. Even in this, the saddest clamor for untold sin and retrogression, even amongst the hatreds of contending races and their racial beings, even when the subtle worlds cried terrified, steadfast our Father God held all and thus prevailed... and when the terror and shock had reduced down into a madness, Father God quietened the insanity by His Presence in the World alone.

Were it not for our Father God our beloved Christ would have been exiled out from His World. Should the demonic forces have won their positions, then the 'keys to the kingdoms' would have then transferred and all subsequent spirituality would have been anti-Christos. Fervently passive, in that such change would not be tolerated, Father God makes no real space for uncharitable bullies and He becomes as ever, unmovable. So beneath the tempestuous sea of revolt, stern-silent remained our dear Lord Father God the Constant. Amidst the impurities and the overflow thrown up with the deluge of an inconsolable storm, He was in amongst all of this in His absoluteness - holding firm.

Men are understandably dismayed with chaos, whilst demons find it opportune. To a demon the effects of upheaval work quite the reverse as they do in Man, for it is in the silence in sanctity that they perceive as disruptive and challenging within. However, in the ferment of chaos they are much excited and enthralled. In the 'undoing' and the wailing they detachedly take pleasure, whereas in holy solitude (or the vicinity of) they panic.

Our Father God is not waylaid by chaos, as He surely invented it. Yet He is not impartial to suffering, as they that are of demonic senility are wont to be. And so He would cease the storm and hush the howls of the reckless spirit's gale. He would roll back the boulder from the doorway. He would call His Son out from the depths which lay beneath the cold earth floor, and then make Him a passage upwards and into renewal.

The event of the destructive powers at the time of the Crucifixion were not to be paralleled with just another Winter preceding germination taking bud in the Spring. It was the Armageddon - the same that all forecasters perceive in their fears today, predicted by a past recall. The sacrifice of Christ drew fear into the deepest levels in that spiritual contest which was then battled and won in this resurrective power ordained by our Father.

If Father God had been displeased and had sought His annihilation out from this, His Creation, then so it would have been and went. Yet in truth, His Power did increase. So one can see that there was no greater thing to be afeared than that which has just passed.

However and also, our Beloved Christ has given each solitary being his own choosing, but not of a preference. So far we may ask, does Man delight in this world or does but glibly celebrate? Is it just a dainty try? If not for our small children who do love wholeheartedly with fields undefined, it would be a world soon lost to desolation of soul entrapped in the mundane. For no longer is it a contest of fury and of might in the devilry of open rivalry on behalf of all. It now becomes singly, where men are at risk, that their hearts and minds might freeze over into a passionless antipathy to Life itself.

Lucifer contended that Paradise be kept for all time. He had refused the new futures to come, believing that the beauty of the past offered all of Man's requirements for his subsequent being. However, nothing may keep outwardly without decaying in such preserve. The souls themselves of Man would stultify if withheld in a perpetual paradise that held no inner reality or hard-won substance to it.

This has already been proven in those who have lost their empathetic reasonings, and with that also their tolerance to life in part (its virtues, qualities, impressionings and in understanding other people). It becomes less adequate because their empathy has been traded out for a non-empathetic pleasure, that they are so enthralled with themselves or with lesser gods, that they lose community amongst men and their divine communing - between wherewith, we may come to Christ.

The healing of one man from another only truly comes lastingly (working through all of the physical, astral, higher astral conjunctures) with empathy. If the signature-key of that particular prescriptive and definitive empathy is not there to be known and understood by the man who would heal, then there is no real address, no specification made relevant.

Likewise the uncompassionate priest is equally as ineffective as the unempathetic physician. In all healings to be had in Man we seek Christ's import, Father God's supplication and the Divine Life, all through Man.

Man heals Man. Men cannot leave others behind without also forsaking their own souls and self by doing so. The evolution of one rests on the evolution of all, and vice-versa. Lucifer's "every man for himself" policy only fragments men further, injuring their development with a greater separateness and life less known in consequence.

May we commit to Christ, and by His Grace and the favor of Father God's permission also, to bring that of our service, for the good of the whole of our beloved Humanity, and retrieve them as surely as our Christ has risen now before us!
(And have a joyous Easter time, dear friends.)

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