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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arterial Self, Problem n

Problem n: Marriage, Companionship & Arterial Reflux
"See thou all of the souls that thou has loved, who also do love thee most dearly" solemn spake the voice; as with hearing this, the man turned and raised his eyes upward seeking to penetrate the ethers high above and beyond him.

One by one the starry lights revealed themselves until the dark globe surrounding was emaciated with countless luminaries.

"See thou these souls?" repeated the same voice with knowing inquiry.

"I see" he replied, deep in gratitude ... and then he asked further, "But where amongst all of these may I find her?"

"She is not of these stars, dear son, not a one - she is of thee, same star, same one."

"Tell me then, where may I find this, mine own constant luminary?"

The nature of true love is fecund. It becomes prominent and apparent to those who are inspired to the better, so improved and prosperous in soul, in hope, that there works the active blessings in all that it brings to those who do know it.

Man knows the reality of such romance and the longing of the soul for romantic intercession by the very coupling of all realities as apparent and perceived. As sky suckles earth, as earth imbibes sky, as Creator to all Creation, and Creation so loved, woman is made apparent by man, and he in her, unto perfection.

The primordial coupling of souls in first union came to verify all searching thereafter, and yet, with a still immature resonance between the separated two, there is by this broken accord a remonstrative break in all relationships to follow as well. Arterially the twin souls are not encumbered by each other, and if ever there was a time for reckoning apart, venturing into each individual's own pathway to Father God, then perhaps it is more so in this period of being that this shall become. 

This separation will not always be so however. The connection which is shared between one and another has remained and is eventually brought to subtle undertides of being. By this we mean plainly that each individual has their soul partner, most of whom are not known or recognized to them in any given incarnation, but because of this relationship they are forever seeking that same commune amongst others.

It is by the reality of their twin soul that they can know to find a love outside of their Father God's directly. If it were not for their twin aspects they would not be so motivated in venturing into the fields of other's designs. Essentially it will be fraught with a certain disappointment, with the contention that all individuals are not the comfortable twin, nor could become them, and so the man will come to love and to know many, many souls over the tracing of eons, and although not one shall necessarily be the other that he is by instinct still seeking, they will all ineffably contrast his own being and promote much joy, both to each other and to the embracing Cosmos.

Inevitably, as all good romances go, man will unite with his beloved in soul. Having said this, there have always been guarded remarks afforded to this subject, in the event that it will then go on to be presumed that for all men this is possible in the very near future to come, and this is not the case as is now known. For each pair of twin-soul individuals there is a possibility of time together, of even a lifetime together (and yet the instances of this are very few). However in regards to this station of evolution collectively, there is no indication that the active bondings would extend further than that. There could be an auto-psychic connection between the two self-conscious individuals, and an awareness of one unto another that could tutor each in the corresponding qualities and experiences, but there would not be the instance of the two literally becoming one for all time. They are as one already by point of origin, but they are not in anyway meant to congeal the consciousness or mix egos with a deathly surrender.

So this is the issue itself of love and fecundity; that interactions between couples (the term 'couples' here is referring to any two individuals, not speaking only of certain status or activity) is to be fertile with new possibility, entertaining life and new life without the consuming portent of one gloomily overshadowing the other.

All men and women have betrothed themselves to many different souls over lifetimes, and with each solemn exchange there has been before their soul's eye, the spiritual/causal reality made representational in ceremony or by act. The spiritual diviner here is that of the signatory status of two combined, and as the opening paragraphs did indicate, we hold that glorious signatory knowledge of so many, that by now, for each one of us, there is indeed a sky full of beings whom we have loved.

This is not so difficult to realize would that a man's memory could extend back as far as his beginnings and times between; and each carry the living memory of what has passed between them, that we may find that there is no given sequence of time, but rather of dear folk, all who continue to hold record, key and significance to those periods which we knew them.

Not one man may separate the signatory status of another, either from himself or disrupting another two. "What God has joined together" becomes fact with the truth of this sanctity given to each soul; we are protected and given this mutuality which is to last for all time. In other words, every relationship between two individuals is so holy in its combining that our Father God has given it a permanence that will lastingly remain.

On the other hand this is not the case when it comes to other beings necessarily. Men do not keep keys with elemental beings, devils or souls of animals with which they hold affinity or affiliation. This is purely amongst the first tier of the family of souls amongst men that this be so, and we can take a short time to ponder the very wonder of this, and the security of all infinity thereafter.

Animals have not the means to acknowledge the return of a familiar soul, although with the more progressive there can be a compensating memory-recollection given to its subtle bodies for a short while.

Elemental beings would make a deadly attachment to a man if they were afforded connections which endured beyond the spheres of this planet and past death.

Associations between men, no matter how brief the span or seemingly inconsequential, are determining their mix within their own being as well. By this all men do give immediately to each other - they enhance and imbibe each other - although the individual ego of a man does not always accept this outright (nor must he feel impelled to do so - however, he cannot try for disassociation either). 

Arterially our freedom here brings Man the concentration of his deliberating consciousness that he may dissuade himself from the very influences he carries. How miraculous it is, that amongst all of the countless keys appendaged to him, he may come anew to further relationships and to his own identity afresh each morning upon waking.

In sleep we take everything to our Father, and if it be our purpose to leave it there, we may do so. All of the freedoms that are given to Man afford him the greater abilities for further love made all the more important. In that a man has such a selective memory which pertains only to the incoming present, provides new possibilities enabling further relationships. If discourse and interaction ceases to be fruitful between individuals, the individuals themselves will seek out other company. This freedom to do so is maintained for the sake of true communing and its relevance, rather than perpetuating signature only (which of itself does not need to be actively worked for to be upheld).

The question as to whether or not one individual can cause harm to another simply by means of proximity, unfortunately is to be answered "yes". The grace of our being unaffected by each key that we hold of our combining with others, is not present in our dealings - equally so we are not protected from physical poisons or physical trauma. The proximity of an individual will determine subtle influences depending upon both their character and intent, and it will be children who are most affected morally, within their physical and astral bodies, becoming apparent as they age.

Whilst most men have the freedom to decide whether or not they keep company with particular individuals, there are some who for one reason or another suffer difficult circumstances. This may be a pupil who is overshadowed by the meanness of his teacher; it could be a parent who has love for a child, who when grown has turned into their chief tormentor; in a lusterless marriage, or with a combining of committee duty whereupon one individual unfairly requires the rest to submit; these instances and more can indicate a suppression which comes in reflux, in refluence to the individuals involved.

Not only do the immediate natures of each infect the other, there are secondary influences which compound and work in upon any coupling. If all is going well and the combining is fruitful, if arterially there is unquestioned delight in each other's presence - an open acceptance, a compatibility and so forth - then the opposing differences will be met with the buffers of gentle humor consequential to love. However, discord with parity need not be voiced to be felt, and the subsequent responses, which work inwardly, will manifest through weakness later on, if it so exists.

Discord itself can live amongst the most seemingly peaceable of people, for it does not require outward remonstration to be apparent. Now there are two schools of thought here: one which would recommend that we flee from all disquiet, whilst the other maintains that our great gift of learning of one another comes out of such discord etc. etc.

Firstly we can say that just as there are many silent divorces (a marriage which is no longer a marriage, when the true divorce occurs long before the public act) there are equally conditions of all relationships which are under par, and yet this is obvious only in the spiritual context. This does not undervalue any love and companionship two may have shared previously, but it is to describe a condition which belatedly befalls whereby our immunity is low and our Arterial Self begins to re-examine its perimeters as well as those of others.

So we find that the discord itself between two people, whether it be spoken or unspoken of, rests like a heavying cloud above their heads, with all the tension of the ensuing thunderclap so felt! This does not have to be related to specific differences or disagreements, it is just brought about simply because of the tensions and disruptions that all individuals have, which in companionship can become accentuated with the reflux from one onto another and then exaggerated.

Certain discord is inevitable, given that we are not with the twin soul-mate first looked for, and also that we to them, are not theirs. Secondly, this is not current for the world, that the souls abroad have happened upon their own, and so unrest abounds and this becomes of a general discord felt as well. Added to this we find that the inclinations which exist in the astral makeover of those to whom we are in proximity with, may well affect us directly in disrupting the equanimity which is known when we are alone. We can bear out our own points of disharmony as they arise, far easier than we can intermittently withstand the effluence of another. Discord, depending here upon the differences, will contribute a'further.

Inward upset and disquiet does not, of itself, prove worthy; it does not enhance relationships, nor does it necessarily make a poorly one better. Learning to deflect some of its results is purely a strength in turning a bad situation into a marginally better one, but it does not provide any lasting value if it cannot cease the discord altogether.

This may indeed sound harsh to say, and yet we are to be reminded that either discord is there or it is not there. Whether or not it seems to be there, or appears to be manageable, is not in question or refuted.

When individuals combine cordially there becomes all the glamor of good womanhood and manhood at its best. When this ceases to be (or perhaps has never has been so) in subsequent combining there becomes the diffraction of self and the contention of self, all being argued perpetually around in the ethers of their proximities; then it happens that the two in their discord will cause such reflux upon the other, that their sense of internal peace, of arterially frequenting to Father God, is interrupted in each others' presence.

This is the very test and measure of that discord being present, and it is interesting to note that communities and families that pray together do invite the arterial congeniality which will enable their discord to be quietened at best. However, in the case of two individuals in sufferance it will not be enough (although significantly helpful) to ensure that the two are in harmonious rapport. Upon this subject, one must also ask, if it was such that it became obligatory, then surely it would be an evil also? There is freedom for each to be their own and freedom also to depart company.

Our Father God always returns us to ourselves that we may know Him. We have difficulty knowing Him if we have departed our arterial soul consciousness and tried in an effort of even congeniality to trade it. This has been witnessed amongst many who have sought the community of a church and then lost their faith. These men have felt inwardly that they have lost their presence of Father God but did not understand that this was because they put the community of men before Him. Even in church this will not make for good faith. Even though it may be for the noblest of intentions towards our brothers and by thereby endeavoring to 'manage' discord, it will nonetheless be a distraction from Father God if indeed we continue to suffer it.

Anger, by the way, expressed or unexpressed, only contributes to discord - it could not of itself, even when dispelled, become profitable.

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