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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Subtlety Club- 1991

Subtle is a good word- if you can spell it. The whisper of the spirit is subtle, discernment, good judgment, is often subtle. The forces we describe are subtle (in a restrained way); the gentle love for humanity is subtle. Development must be gradual, therefore subtle. 

"Subtle difference" is the relevant phrase - and though we do not hold the perfect word to describe our aspect, subtle is preferred. Realizing also, that it is in the context of the perceiver one sees the need for humility. 
Under the lens of a microscope is a window into the subtle difference between this or that organism of the microbic world, so indistinct to the unaided eye that the perceiver would not reckon on there being any difference at all . . . 
Love and caring, benevolence must be subtle- the image of the tiny bird recovered from the nest, held with tiny beating heart, beware not to grasp too hard lest the faint flutterings of life be squeezed out entirely in an effort of kindness.

Humans are tuned and are fragile. A noisy world will not assist the soul: veritable sea-sickness on a wave of thought. Becalm the waters, bestill the emotion/motion - perilously deep the sea! High winds and powerful undercurrents are conducive to courage but tax the survival. 

Beauty is subtle. Take a recipe, a set of conditions; set to task perceiving the ingredients, the timing and the outcome - and then, the ability to know when you have got it right - this is the subtle difference. Because if one key factor has been measured incorrectly, namely, the ingredient, the timing or the outcome has been misjudged, then the creation, the conception, the organization, or the cake, will not be as it should be, and will not carry with it the enduring vitality to retain life and perpetuate itself for longer than the life instilled can carry it. All important is this subtle difference to know one ingredient from another, one minute from the hour, the creation from the failure. 

The progress has been stupendous, when it comes to men's concepts and their spiritual in-roads. Links are all over, and it is quite mistaken to believe that those founders and their offspring societies, have in any way failed to bring the vital connections into the worldliness of people. All are bridge builders of their time. And if the consequence was not entirely as intended by their founders, the seeds were cast and the work was taken up by others. Names are immaterial.

There is always merit in projects which are started afresh. But arguably, the times at present may warrant speedy application: individual and mass remedies in the world of thought, not confined to any particular branch representative - they are all present and accounted for! Sterling task-masters and their worthy workers are all a part of the unfolding and vital administration of the spiritual work ahead. 

Manoeuvres have been attempted in the past, and the attempt was the accomplishment in itself. One cannot cling to a particular society, for the very closed circle, just by name, infers exclusion to the rest of humanity. One may identify with the Father, with the tender hand of our (pardon the expression) Big Brother, and with the family of Man. Pompous titles do restore certain dignity to those who require it, but offer little in the service of the Holies.

Perhaps if one was to begin yet another organization, it would be better known as a club of supernal interests. If the articles of association require tea and biscuits, then there will be little argument as to success or failure of such a group! Expectation of conformity because of a group's name or statutes is not enough to bend the wills of its followers, or change them into that which they cannot be - nor would you wish to create such a monster.

Not to remain idle or discouraged. Dogmatism and dead thought has not the power to reach and inspire the slumbering individual. With pure intent, enthusiasm, community, and so forth, an outpouring of spiritual ideas needs to flow on from one to another, inspiring earnest study in those who would help the cause; and so to be reasonably free from judgments concerning particular societies and their members, and future societies and their members, and be free of the stranglehold of mistaken identity. If the concepts are pertinent and resound with an element of pure teaching, they will be taken up and assimilated when cast into the world with open blessing.

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