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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enviromental Influences 1991

The church is infilled with sprigs and bunches; and for funerals and in sickness it is customary to present flowers. Although flowers do actually assist in just this, and the lines to higher inspiration are conducted, the open bowl of fruit too, brings a marvellous field of influence. 

The fruit in its nature blossoms at the tree to receive the golden etheric rays. Fruit that swells forth with such light in its breast, retains for a time much of that effervescent vitality. Also it desires the influence of the Sun at all times, therefore speaking to our immediate environment of the Sun-filled existence. 

We do of course, attract certain influences into us. It has often been maintained that a man is easily impressed upon by that which he surrounds himself and the company which he keeps. 

Certain men of charity often forego perfect conditions and rise above that which may otherwise soil even their own stable standing in the world, by assisting the less fortunate. If a soul is strong enough to negate the negative influences of corruption and sickness, and thereby help his fellow man to turn it around and extinguish such influences, well and good. However, it can be a task of such magnitude for an aspiring individual to attempt such grace, when they are themselves at a stage of self-help and correction. Exhaustion may be the consequence of such charitable relations. Therefore it is not wise to force oneself or another, on conditions that become as an unbearable pressure to that individual. 

Within a given society that leans towards corruption whereby the burden of the immoral consciousness plagues the majority, this group can in fact bring harm to the whole. Collectively the society continues to do damage to itself continually.

It is therefore small wonder that a certain relief was experienced when a particular family removed themselves from the radius of such a large suburban collective; which unfortunately has the aura of mess and a muddle that would make inspirations of this nature, virtually impossible. In this sense the folk in the Himalayas do have a much easier time of it!

Contrary to this, we do not maintain that all folk must pack bags and remove themselves to the outer countryside. There are experiences in such cities that are irreplaceable to any individual. However, we cannot ignore the fact that conditions surrounding an individual play a very important role in either helping or hindering their development and their sanity.

It is advisable for the elderly to retire to the country in preparation for the higher worlds. They might experience some of the peace and order, and be free to receive inspiration without the constant battle of resisting the quagmire of conflict and mindless debauchery that is a twenty-four hour occurrence in the heavily populated suburbs in which they dwell.

If one is serious about maintaining a spiritual consciousness which is relatively unhindered, they must acknowledge that in order to commute with the higher worlds and participate with higher thought, it is obviously preferable to give oneself the most favorable conditions where this can be effected- to withdraw, to rest, to know silence and experience beauty, setting the way free to contemplation.

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