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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sister Cities & Incarnation- 6th May 1991

THE concept of sister-cities is quite a reality, though not necessarily as proclaimed by modern thinkers. However there is such a relationship between certain geographical continents and their divisions, with the peregrination of souls on a large basis going from one incarnation to the next. Therefore a very real affinity is placed between these two regions, and the peoples of the past and of the present; also conversely, those working within the present who are looking toward their future destination.

At differing points of the Globe there are different qualities issuing forth which can offer any given race of men certain influences that work upon their entire beings. So it is necessary for souls to partake in the manifold influences, rather than congregate in one particular center, time and time again.

Conflicts which dispute sovereignty and attempts at altering the social order of particular regions are often motivated by either a past consciousness of this order or a future push for preparation. Although interference is neither beneficial nor legal in current affairs, it is however motivated for these reasons.

Whole communities within a single lifetime can experience an incarnation that during a period, marked strongly an impression upon them. And out from that group of individuals has grown a very tangible yearning to return to that former set of conditions that impressed them so. The ghosts of such desires can haunt the bloodline of succeeding generations to come, without their conscious knowledge. For the sake of future experience and expression, these bonds with the past, which are but veritable fetters, must be denied the desire to further their hold on such communities.

Even in an apparently inconsequential lifetime the forces that insteeped a given people may have sweet reminiscences for the souls that took their part within that given period. However if this was not unbalanced within the individual's ego-substance, it should not present such strong arguments for continuance. 

 All folk can be affected by such tendencies. Here is one clear reason why recollection of past incarnations is suspended and denied to those individuals who cannot shear away from such ties and bonds of the past - altogether painful and unproductive in the process of moving on to greater and larger experiences. The ego is developed to the point where it can move about the world gathering new influences and gleaning from all cultures that which it needs to fulfill its learning requirements.

If this were not so there would surely be only twelve tribes of man, which would identify and cling to their zodiacal sign, denoting what should have been incorporated into the whole man: twelve offered in the make-up of the whole.

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