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Monday, May 4, 2009

Symbols & Art- 1990

THE scarab beetle is an interesting example of our former study - in the light of a people adopting that symbol in recognition of their way of thought. And of course that beetle was prevalent moreso in those times when it was revered.

Worship has always that risk carried with it: people fall into perceiving the image rather than the true meaning that governed the bond of respect. But as an aid to further concentration and study, symbols were as sweetbread, offered around in a festival of religious thought. Lasting impressions were gained also, as the more powerful symbols gave out the very inherent meanings on their own.

Generally speaking, they are as fossils of former times, nowadays. There are those who may try to call upon akashic utterances that emanate around significant forms, but with very little success, as the vitalities are as tools now locked away, and we must look for other tokens of our faith to pass on to those who would receive.

Symbols could and did evolve into free art. This now spoke to the soul - depending on the representation given out by the artist; no longer the simple and strongly defined form. Instead, a barrage of countless combinations was activated through the desires and expression of the interpreter. This is something of an explanation as regards modern art as we know it.

How captivating the expressions can be when certain souls are moved to find their world through such given interpretations. The rigidity of former symbols has had to give way to a dance of the imagination with creative worship, aspiring to true form.

There are still a great number of those who identify with the simple image, and their consciousness is assisted as they are drawn together with this identification. Every business has its logo: they speak with more clarity to the alter-state than any word that could ever be heard. There is a certain struggle in the world of numbers to reach such significance.

Remember that the action of any given symbol upon an individual is not that which is consciously recognized. There may come the day when each person has engraved upon himself a "barcode", and we are not making light of this possibility.

Perhaps from this, one can appreciate one of the gifts that the artist can bring to the world with free expression and worship of this blessed existence. Try not to identify with the conformity of any graven image, as this will stifle the young spirit as a shoe too small for growing feet.

Paradoxically, it has always been the straight and narrow path that has advocated the freedom of Man's being. The tools of freedom must be acquired and mastered. Some would have it though, that the skills were withdrawn from man's grasp. Fear not, for we have fine teachers!
God Bless!

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