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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Climate & Behaviour- 13th May 1990

WARM days and warm climates hold an influence over the constitution of man that encourages 'loose' behavior rather than restraint. For the dignified folk of the colder climatic conditions, it is with great effort that any relaxed attitude can be adopted- and adopted as it has to be. Usually their control and their seeking control over themselves and the environment is finely tuned, whereas their brothers in other hemispheres find difficulty in applying such serious control practically.

Race rivalry and jealousy, suspicion and arrogance, has many a time been derived from just such a difference. And the two cannot come to terms with the uncomfortable ways that produce such very different characteristics in both.

Neither is to be preferred as both conditions are to be benefited from, providing it is understood and worked with in the higher senses. Those of the colder regions have insisted a calculating superiority in the past and have actually enslaved their brothers by advantages, believing that the behavioral differences denoted marks of intelligence or spiritual maturity.

Problems ensue when migration from districts moves a generation of one condition into another condition and the peoples who then are in close proximity have to dwell and abide with each other. Former customs from the immigrants cannot be adapted and the one from the colder region seeks to overcome those from the warmer.

Yes it is interesting to observe just who is responsible for the 'global warming' conditions that are currently being talked over. And to ask if there is any greater preference in climates that prevail.

Think of the produce also in the varying climates and their astral calling and persuasion. The cactus of the desert that bends men's minds into total oblivious dream, loosening the earthly connection to the extreme, the gentle alpine herbs that hold within them a symphony of thought, pure and exacting in their influence upon those who ingest. The crystal formation of snowy regions imposes structure on the environment and those who dwell there. Then the jungles, unkempt and overrun in random outburst - even the natures of the animal kingdom are vastly different, being that the closer to the equator, the wilder the animal life- active, ferocious and poisonous varieties.

Observe others behavior with this in mind, when the cold sets in there will be fewer crimes committed, fewer will go out to dance, the children will return to their studies. The illnesses of the summer will not manifest in the winter also; the produce will differ and have differing effects upon the consumer; perhaps also these lessons will begin to take on more meaning for those who take them into themselves!

The atlas can be marked with the hours of the day, and these portions and their influences can tell much about the characteristics of the hours of each day and also of the country and its influences, upon which it falls under.

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