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Sunday, May 3, 2009

War in Heaven- 11th May 1990

Good Morning,
Purple mandrels with winches of gold,
Cast the di and do as is told.
THE common law betwixt man and beast has foundations throughout the heavens above and the kingdoms below.
The tides are not governed by the Moon, but of the Sun's forces somewhat transmuted and deflected, reacting and realigning with that which lies in proximity to that Moon. The Moon of itself has not the life-power to motivate any such function. This is how it is with many a function of the physio-organs, which, of themselves have not the inherent motivation or force, to drive the rhythms of the constitution. Yet without any given part, the vital forces are deferred off into other regions, disrupting their pattern of action and reaction.

Under the microscope may be perceived variants to behavioral interactions at given times, under different phases of the Moon. So in viewing we are given a clear image of that which is received at that particular time - i.e. the crescent or the globe, which in turn is deflected and received on any given portion that the radiation is drawn into.

All motivating forces come from the Sun, and are of the Sun - just as the vitality of the heart cannot be withdrawn without certain death ensuing. Such it is with the other planets and their influences, both visible and invisible, that they too are but channels of the Sun's heavenly drive, each with their own tune, so to speak, imparted and sent out to affect that which is in its magnetic driveways. 

False gods and such intrusions to the system are but as a diseased upset to the constitution. The wars of the heavens seek but a remedy of correction to such upset, throwing off that which has no place within the given system.

Constant relay and integrated cooperation is the key to the evolutionary path of progression. Notwithstanding, the bombardment and interference from alien bugs that gain entrance from other modes, offer no assistance to the system that they have invaded, but seek to carry on with the ways of their own progression and pervert the courses surrounding, to conform to the former ways and rhythms of their original environs. Thus, we may answer to those: yes, they are belonging to our Father's Creation, but are not of our Creation.

Yes, it is interesting that the staff of Mercury be the symbol of the tending medico to such systemic problems.

At such a period of quiescence and re-embodiment of the system, when the system withdraws and then returns, the diseased portion - such invading beings - are as it were, flushed out and released to return to their own particular systems, so that our processes can begin anew, ever strengthened in this death and rebirth of solar life.
Of course, such entities may be overcome and expelled before such intervals, but it is at these intervals that the entire system is cleansed and corrects the evolutionary processes and their destiny. A failsafe correction - yes, with repetition.

And so *smile* who wins in the end? Take comfort, for the great battle will always be set aright. We work in order to make these confrontations eased and corrected and overcome, so that the progress is a little greater each time. Marvels can be achieved. But even if the evolutionary destiny is interrupted and overrun dismally, we can always start afresh the next time around!

So be of good cheer in regards to the prospects of humanity and the heavens. It is vital that such knowledge with soundness is strong within the pupil, otherwise despair may intrude, and despair is a great untruth that hinders the soul. Cast it out and go forth content in the knowledge that you are in the safe hands of our Father!

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