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Friday, May 8, 2009

Channeled Entities- 21st May 1990

WHAT kind of teachings come (spew) forth from such attributions? Namely, the accent is not friendly, nor pure, nor mistakenly ridiculous. Its purpose is to be memorable and memorable it is.

Remember when we spoke of breaking conversation with truth, and that the result may occur that the individual to whom it is addressed responds unhappily? But the key was that the conscious individuality was aroused and recalled and at least responded. The same applies in this technique whereby from the beginning the confrontation is absurd. It is this absurdity that has an effect of shocking and predisposing the confronted to an openness of possibility.

One must always observe the quality of the teacher who offers the teaching. The very nature of the processes offered are extremely uncomfortable to those who are awake enough in the first place to begin an opinion. Discernment appears to fly out the window in the case of the followers.

One must question the difference between the offerings of the priest to that of the novelty. It is true that the priest has not the means to impart knowledge of the soul's peregrination through reincarnation. But is this what truly taught by the creature who boasts all of seventeen such cycles?

We do not mean to place one teacher against another, nor pull one down to raise yet another. But, and but it always is, which course exactly is the captain of this ship purporting to take, and where will it arrive? Many souls are grouped off to multiple destinations, with happy dreams of future bliss, without strength or means to take command of their own hourly vigil. 

Spirituality on credit it seems - take now and pay later. But to whom? As soon as the gates are opened to make way for the veils to be accessible, hopefuls pass backwards and forwards in all creative manner.

Do men seek betterment or instantaneous perfection? The latter has been cried for since humanity's beginnings and understandably so. So they trade with the robber who comes in the night, and offer up the very inheritance of the Father, so that they may have that very inheritance. Our spiritual wealth is held in trust, and would that they could obtain it, there are those who wish to enter into its splendor - naive and darling souls who would willingly give and share their humanity with the lustful lecherous creatures of the twilight spheres.

But who really wants to offer their blood to a vampire to quell today's thirst? If the vegetable garden requires compost, do we offer our bodies to add to the matter? Should one give away a soul to those who claim to make better use of it than ourselves? So far the babes have been nurtured in their ignorance, and now that they are to venture out into the world the need for protection is no less important. The slaying of the innocents was in fact just this. The innocents were innocence lost, lost to a world that tears the human being apart to find the prize within.

Experience however will enrich the soul. As the tides of the ages, and all in consequence, buffer backwards and forwards, the soul will strengthen.

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