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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Combustive Power- 7th March 1991

COMBUSTION is the active principle - combining with the relevant catalysts - underlying all motivation and sheer force, whether it be automotivation or the active will-forces within the human being's motivation.

Many formulas for the sequence of events leading up to any given combustive reaction have been sought, and interestingly enough science today has only just begun to measure the most obvious relay systems in their own measurable way.

Nature herself works on a catalytic formula that enables great metamorphoses to occur in the daily growth patterns within all kingdoms. Usually the full boundary has been overcome in a particular pattern or line of growth and the threshold of life and death is once more confronted. This threshold implies that were the process to stop - just prior to the pivoting metamorphosis - death would result: extinction, annihilation. Therefore the given boundary is to be overstepped into radical leaps of change - a new varying and related pattern is to be continued.

The seed may or may not take in the soil, there is a most definite catalyst required for it to enter the realm and progression of the sprout, and so on. All along there are marked progressive stages whereupon life can be withdrawn or go on. Nothing in Nature stays the same for an uninterrupted indefinite duration, all stages are defined and marked, and the combustive motivation moves and assists such radical changes that are necessary for life to continue - albeit in advanced modes, continually.
So when we apply this ruling to a means of captivating automotive combustion we must harness that which endeavors - through reaching its respective evolutionary boundaries - to develop into its respective next stage, and disallow the process of death, suspending its transformative pattern of development.

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