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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The PLANT Kingdom's WISDOM- 1991

CARROTS are a remarkable vegetable, for one thing, their intensity of color; which was not always as is, but used never to leave the range of green with slight yellowing. Steeped in phosphates the orange radiance denotes a special period in which the planet's physicality took yet another leap into the evolvement it now has.

Master Carrot took on new characteristics, not only in color, but in hardness and size. The growth of the top used to flourish in far greater stages, but is now somewhat pruned back, with all of the sun-force infilling down into the main body and impacting in lively spirals throughout the length of the root, rather than the tip of the bushy outcrop. Master Carrot is a progressive vegetable who is an indication of the vegetables yet to come.

Most folk picture the future Earth as a woman laid barren that shall not prove good ground for sustaining harvests, and the annihilation of species of plants to be considerable. Whilst it is true that the quality of soil and consuming erosion does of itself discourage healthy growth, and there are tendencies to promote species of plants which are 'designer' interfered-with varieties, it is not a true picture to presume that the plant kingdom will be so marked by these conditions as to cease glorious reproduction and wither from the face of the Earth.

Just as there are waves of maladies that visit and leave mankind in episodes concurrent with the inner conditions at that time, so too are there species of vegetable, tree and flower which must incarnate come what may, where the ground be habitable and hospitable enough to hold them.

The plant kingdom being so full of life, literally speaking, is not easily deterred in its desire to fully enter into that world which we dwell in. Faithful to humanity, it trails wherever humanity goes and sprouts forth wherever it can. 

Guardians of the mysteries, from peony to pine - that which is encaptured in plant form, holds both nature and spirit essential to the Cosmos. In heart of bud and blossom, is divinity in aroma and expulsion; ego and mind in root and runner, wisdom of cyclic rhythm in seasonal dance, precision of form in expression of one to another. Oh to be a botanist!

The plants hold many a remedy - as many as there are maladies. New varieties will spring forth and perpetuate. This ever renewal brings much sanity back to an otherwise chaotic existence.

As said before, what is born of the spiritual worlds and is in relation to Man, must necessarily find expression in all manner of realms he cohabits. The wonder of wonders is to seek out that particular expression which encapsulates that spiritual reality. One may come to glean much wisdom in this way of inquiry. This does not imply that we are to put bud, blossom or root on the tongue to come to know of its properties, or even that they should speak to you and tell of their well kept secrets. But one may courteously greet each flower and leaf and rest awhile in good company, and the knowledge that this abounding life represents quite visibly, the glory of the spiritual world.

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