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Monday, May 18, 2009

Kuwait War- 26th February 1991

THE ARAB folk are infilled with the ancient wisdom's wisdom. There are those in the world who would be archaeologists, and those who would be architects following the plans for the new world. Both have their place. Only harm however, from the emissions of such poisons as are now being distributed throughout that region, shall become eventual - now inevitable. The significance of those burning fires and their emissions is that the forces of the Earth have been set free in such magnitude. This was a dastardly desire all along that in fact this should happen. In the first instance these merchants of mineral oil have derived much wealth in distributing the foul manure of the earth to those countries who believed their cocktails to be valuable to their existence, never properly seeking out other means: other fuels that would not contaminate or putrefy their domain.

Answers will come, alternatives can be found. And now the sea and the air is stained black with the demons who have been given such boundless freedom to frequent the earth as they will. Wars are fought with many objectives and hidden agendas.

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