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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 38

 38. Sadness at death and for loss, e.g. at each sunrise as it dissolves into day.

Although it may be hard to imagine, there are all kinds of depressions which affect us in ways so small they are hardly recognizable. Yet they occur in a fundamental and elemental way.

Our egoic processes expand when we are curious and happy and they contract when we are met with a cautionary upset. You can see the vitalities pull back a little; the contraction appears to be a deflation of sorts, and the brilliance of emanation momentarily dulls a little. All of the conditions so far described, visibly pass over, pass through the ego in such a way - little depressions, little sighs of the ego, sometimes little sighs of the soul. 

Things which delight the soul - like a sunrise - capture its attention and it is genuinely surprised and disappointed when the experience passes. The soul itself cannot grasp death in any way. One can picture the reality which it firstly and lastly lives in, a reality richly studded with all of the treasures it has ever acquired, lastingly remaining in a connective perceptible manner. 

For the soul itself, through the ego, to come to a cessation of that which it takes pleasure in, there is (understandably) a set back in morale, and a sigh of sadness in the perplexity of it all. Watch a little child when something they are so absorbed in is taken from them… their reaction of surprise and then the wailing! Our internal reaction (once again on a daily basis in just shifting from one thing to another) is one of the same.


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