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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 35


 35. Being apologetic. 

It is not unusual for the conscientious individual to debate with themselves continuously. This does not come from a weakness of character, but rather from the ability to exercise the philosophical and moral mind, the empathies and also realize many possibilities at the one time. There is never one view to anything, nor any one just single truth which is not complemented by another. So this debate, often moving backwards and forwards in the consciousness, brings about an effort, and secondarily a condition when finally the individual must rest upon that which he is content to choose. 

This we name the 'apology', for there is always a sadness known for the candidates who are deliberated but left unchosen. From this we fall back into apology for ourselves, which may not be rational, but is actual. This of itself is yet another tension experienced in the ego.


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