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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 34


  34. The conflict of one's knowing - soul versus egoic wisdom. 

We often work knowledge over in a variety of ways and each time we do this a little of the former wisdom is spent because of the new adoption. This is not something one eases into. 

We sometimes leap into the new knowing and forgo or suspend the old, but the being who has invested themselves in that former knowledge and thus identified with it as well, feels (at the soul level) a difficulty in the transaction.

Added to this the ego itself can find it awkward to make change. Even though this is part and parcel of its application, it is nonetheless a stressful maneuver to accomplish. This is exampled best by all of the dear folk we observe who do not attempt to learn anything new - particularly in the last half of their lives. 

Fortunately, although interpreted and sensed, this is one area which becomes much more with ease through the Living Christ. The spiritual man more readily makes the leaps, regardless of this founded hesitation.


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