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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 33

33. The sadness of fallen souls is deeply felt by all men who strive toward betterment.
Our brothers who have slipped beyond the care and concern of this World, who have forsaken Humanity and therefore their own humanity, these lost souls who have left the mainstream are still in part, a sore presence by their absence.

As one can begin to envisage, there are many, many varieties of knowing within us. These knowings do not by any means consume us (praise be to Father God); they are the shadow aspect of much happier truths to follow. Yet surrounding the stump of a tree which has been felled; in the ongoing atmosphere of where a murder has taken place and instantly dismissed what was to be, or in the grave instance of a soul becoming deceased from further incarnating in this world, this too is a trial we relate to - in possibility of it occurring with ourselves, and for the pain of the other who has endured this end.


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