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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 37


37. Sadness of the animalia and the jealousy of the lower kingdoms.
It should be said in preface to this, that the lower kingdoms enjoy their lot and a saddened reflection is not characteristic of their evolutionary status - in most respects. Yet divorced from Man as they are, there is a certain pain at the necessary separation.

Furthermore, as time has passed and many of the elementals have developed, there has been more than a growing interest or need from the group-souls and the fey folk, as to what humanhood does and could mean to them. 

Whether articulated or not, there is a feeling lying in these realms which is both cautionary, anticipatory and at times a little jealous. The individual once again who is at the threshold of becoming self-conscious in his imaginative cognition will sense this disgruntlement as a pain and protest within his own being from time to time.


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