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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Face of Lucifer- 7th September 2001

AS the Light shines on the countenance of the old planetary face, it illumines one and then the other. New moon, old moon, old moon, old moon.

The demons, small and senior, enter this planet via the runway of the Moon. Their substance, their habitat, comes in from the past and deceased conditions, which because of the decaying frame now, allows for their consumption. They do not live in the regions of the Earth. They dance and grope around its periphery. 

The light from the Spiritual Sun releases them into activity. Seemingly, out from Christ comes Lucifer, in that His radiant Being makes the face of Lucifer known as it lights its countenance - having adhered itself to the Moon and its vicinity.

He (Lucifer) is not THE LIGHT, but lives out from this Light, His Light, Christ's Light, and is brought forth by it, is carried with it, and does show all of his treasures by that same light.

(There are portals of entrance, departure and waiting in all realms.)

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