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Friday, July 24, 2009

Pain- 1991

TO SUFFER PAIN is to suffer the pain of all. One does actually feel that pain which is so strongly present throughout humanity. For pain itself does have roots - as do all fractional experiences which speak to us when entered into, of that which is cosmically orientated, no less with pain. The miracle is that we are not aware of the pain all of the time, that pain is usually localized and set within confines to be realized. But it is there. It is without and within all manifestation.

For what is the nature of pain, but resistance. Within all of the harmonious interplays of nature's wondrous realm, there is much change and necessary/unnecessary resistance.

Usually we are quite saved, nay oblivious, to 'the Pain' that is extremely present throughout. We are called to summon those fiery vitalities to meet with an immediate disorder, whereupon we are opened to that all consuming condition, so uncomfortable, or so intolerable - depending on the measure, depending upon the mean of the consciousness.
In the instance of shock, when one is literally lifted from the bodily connections, and the internal/external rush of fiery substance is sheared so dramatically, then the consciousness vacates and saves the sufferer - and yet this cannot be indefinitely, would that the physical connection is to endure.

To some, all of physical existence may be interpreted as pain itself, incarnate. This a most difficult concept, and does not bear too much pondering - and yet one may conjecture, was the pain of our Lord borne at the summit of the Crucifixion, to be compared with that pain, which He in grave sympathy did bear of the spiritual malady which irked Mankind with seething intensity? One pain is no less real than another. The only comfort to be had is that one may not indefinitely be consumed by any one type of experience, but rather comes to know the gravity by which we are compelled hither and thither.

Furthermore, depending upon the nature of the extremeness and intensity of the experience, comes the sweet recompense which accordingly does follow- great highs and great lows, little lows preceded by little highs, and so forth. But interestingly enough, one man's sadness may be another man's toothache.

Intention to inflict injury is as injurious, if not more, than certain physical outcome. One comes to see the ills of the world as communal, but particular to individual experience- largely one great problem, one great pain; and if one wound weeps, we all weep. There is no distinction for humanity. Here at least is one key to the bonds which inextricably do link us all. It is undeniable fact, and to the adept, overwhelmingly apparent.

If the ship sinks we all go under. Therefore the business of brotherhood and mutual understanding is to be necessarily recognized, with each and every man and woman eager to give everything they have got to assist. No amount of waving hands or flummerying around will do it. No lifeboats with certain destination!

Concern need not be selfish, but practical. As the science of thought and the wisdom of morality essentially is pertaining to the health, the healing, and sustenance, giving over to the larger vision, incorporating a greater humanity, it goes further than fine philosophical speculation, but is necessity of the extreme.

Awareness can be painful, and as said before, and if so shall be answered with sweet reward, if suffered. However, if folk are to awaken and find that their former ways were painful to them, and find that the aggravations were due largely to the 'sleepiness' of such standards set, better sooner than later! Better to welcome the change of conditions that demand such revision.

Awareness of pain comes in the intermediary transitional stages of change. Once the transition is effected, the awareness of the pain does cease: I may come to a river and am happy on the bank. I step into the water and the sharp cold contrast of the water will shock me. If I become accustomed to that water, I shall feel not the initial pain of the coldness. However, the water itself will not be any the warmer: I shall have made the transition over to that condition, not it to me. Should I leave the water, I shall feel colder than when immersed, and the transition of sharp coldness will again be the same as it was when I entered.
Would that in life, we all had a wetsuit!

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