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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oxygen & Color- 15th June 1991

OF all the colors exhibited within the natural world, in shade, variation, luminosity and brilliance - even fluorescence - the tropical fish wins the prize for its extreme examples of such varying and wonderful extraordinary colorations.

The paradox is that the very complex regions which are inhabited by such fish are seldom seen by the human eye. One cannot readily penetrate the waters and behold firsthand the magnificent array of Nature's palette: gliding and a glimmering, flying hither and thither throughout a buoyant sky.

Oxygen can to a point, produce dramatic color change and induce color intensity. The kiln-fired glass and glaze suggest such radical change, which relates not only to temperature but also to oxygen deprivation. This explains in part why the mineral composition of a precious gem may be exactly the same for gems of differing colors. Lava is not red until exposed to air. 

Organic colors fade in time when released from the organism that controls such reduction, i.e. the coral, flowers, vegetable dyes and so forth. Red blood blackens when moisture no longer harvests the oxygen.

When man registers the color black (if black can indeed be called a color), he has come to the extreme of a spectrum, which at that boundary enters into a range of colors, that whilst are beyond physical perception, are in fact discernibly real. Black denotes the colors that we cannot see. White tells us of all of the colors combined that we can perceptualize. Black may denote substratum distinctions of such a color range, or in fact imply higher etheric gateways into levels beyond - either way black tells us physically that we have reached our limit of perception. There will come a time when the scientist can measure distinguishably many differences between one black and another.

The colors that are perceived today within the physical world echo back to the early periods of water existence. This quite rightly suggests that men of former ages past enjoyed an environment that was visually richer and more colorful to the eye. When humidity was greater, as in the remnants of the tropical regions, the colors were brighter. Not only were the landscapes thus affected, but the peoples also, who born of such conditions have like perception. Folk who dwell in such humid regions today still show preference in colorants for costume and decoration to be brilliant and bold rather than subdued.

Oxygen, pure oxygen of itself, can kill out life. Oxygen is required to be put into a process of transformation, and a commensurate ability must be performed by the living organism. This process does not only occur in physical extraction and in an eliminative way. This process denotes manifestation in physical existence, being operative from soul-life which primarily belongs to the mainstream evolution and thereby has a very real driving connection with the process of repetitive re-embodiment. Otherwise one could animate all manner of physical vehicles, maintained for the purpose of would-be indwelling entities that do not belong to mainstream evolution. The regulation of breath requires such membership in the commensurate existence. Coloration is exacting such regulation and processes according to the spirit within. 

The mineral composition itself is dependent upon such conditions primarily. The Earth itself breathes. Minerals are cosmically attracted to the indwelling conditions of the Earth and deposit in remains of organic matter. So transformed as to be termed lifeless (named 'ash'), they have undergone release from the organic condition and become a receptacle for mineral influences. 

The body of Earth remains that which regulates such incoming and outgoing forces, and so too determines which mineral forces flourish and predominate in a given area. The colors are not determined by the mineral composition therefore, although the colors do speak to us of such attractions.

The intensity and brilliance of some colors as opposed to all colors, also denotes for us now a particular phase of evolutionary processes.

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