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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chaotic Enterprises with Corporate Incentives- 7th June 1991

Excuse me for being waspish! You have the short instruction on Insects & the World of Thought, and so "Mr. B.Hive" is not intended to be as much as a laugh as is thought.

Today is a grim day in earthly terms. Many inventions and their inventors have been abroad in the world, steeped in chaotic enterprises with corporate incentives and financial intentions; most of the labors are to meet with destructive devices rather than aids of any reckoning.

Of the many investigations that are continually being carried out, there are rarely such breakthroughs - if that is the term - as today was finally discovered. Sometimes there are those who work to disguise and hold back certain discoveries, which have been prompted by creatures who would have man enforce that which meets their desired end- scurrilous beings who may well have their way in utilizing this earthly crust as a junkyard, moreover a human junkyard. 

There are those few occasions when the scientific world, a conglomerate of brilliant minds, applause a certain finding conjointly; and we in turn do shudder at the ramifications which are but all too clearly understood by us. Today was one of those days, and we apologize for our grim fixation.
There are conferences and there are conferences and we meet and discuss. There will be much lengthy discourse - and from this you might gather that we too, have problems presented that require stern configuration. 

In worldly matters there are no hard and fast rules - were that the work was that simple! Weighty decisions are ongoing continually, and we make no flippant gesture - fortunate though, in optimism and certainty of outcome - but still very much involved where necessary. Should our Brothers take the stalls in this theater, sit back and refuse involvement, many a sham and a curtain brought down, many a king in check, should have occurred if we had not intervened. 

 One can never view history in the light of mistakes being made, although one can have certain misgivings. We suffer frustrations, and labor as all do: good days and bad days, by your reckoning! We shall not speak prematurely of today's blunders, however it may well become apparent through the usual media channels. If one pictured us skipping the mountaintops of Tibet, we apologize for shattering the illusion, although I'll probably take a holiday there sometime!

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