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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

People's Reverence Can Change- 1991

Zeus - Holy Zeus! Isn't it peculiar how the people's reverence can change; how the name is objective, and holds little or no inspiration for men. Z today is a powerful sound. It takes power to perpetuate the Z, to exhale and expel the Z.

Chamomile or more correctly chamomile (pronounced camomeelay) is as it sounds, as gentle and as dignified, from small bud to blossom, in fragrance, and in stimulation.
The 'werp' part of Antwerp is a shocker, and calls for attention. Antwerp! Precision in speech is a lost art, for it takes precisional thinking, clarity, conciseness, to confer through language, and infer accordingly. 


Apple cider is a good drink - make your own with a sodastream.


Embracing with joy, rather than assuming a studious painful grimace - it is important to strike the balance between being the happy idiot, and acting out that which one is not. Improvement is always certain, and there is never anticipation of lasting overnight successes.

Be content to absorb and struggle, yes wrestle, with all that is learnt; and forgiving of that which you are now. For all men have worked long and hard to come to this path, including you, and one must never discredit or demean that wonderful effort, that is forever concluding and renewing in the eternal now.

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