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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Knowledge & Individuality- 26th January 2008

In catacombs of florid decay,
Where the dust of the ages,
Has now blown away;
Through caverns and channels,
And hallways of old,
Spiraling upward and onward,
And leading to God;
From the times that there were,
To the life that is now,
From the puke of the past,
And the suckling anew;
Groping through chapters -
Heaving in, out and through,
With a dilemma's mobility,
From breast unto death,
Into flight, 
Into life,
Through channels slight,
Yet defined;
There is but one hunger,
And one determination.

Knowledge comes to us in parcels, and not in wafers, as is commonly thought. We rarely think in logical progression to obtain an idea, because there is no logic in itself that can get further than itself. One needs the entire package beforehand, in order to grasp and grapple with the new.

Equally we do not ever arrive at a concept or an idea all by ourselves. Independent thinking simply does not exist - nor does original thinking. 

Thoughts are exterior to a man and preexist the experience of being 'thought' - added to which, it is impossible to contemplate something unknown and unrecognized. We find the thought and then see it for what it is. Searching of course, often requires a sequence or formula, but the actual finding and assimilation is something else.

Individuality is a misleading term - it is accurate in relation to their being separate units, however the units themselves are not entirely unique, they are just with difference and all quite interconnected apart from those differentiating differences. Individuality implies a grander, vaster identity and often becomes a badge of honor, when in fact there is little there at all that is markedly unique.

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