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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Osmosis of Pneumatics- 10th March 2004

WHEN a human being with a human spirit within knows something, that something comes to know them, through that knowing. 
This is perhaps the best explanation for the words before which stress that with learning, through method or by repetitive strains, we are confined to one level of captured learning only. For that which we strive to take to ourselves, in that instance, is too ‘looking back’ singularly, without further reason being involved or becoming available. This also can be a good thing in view of the trespass of kingdoms which would otherwise occur if this were not so. Because that form of knowledge which is not sympathetic (or empathetic or earned through experience), that knowledge which is acquired (and this can even relate to one wearing their Master’s coat for a time) through means other than experience or direct learning, is confined and confining. 

There cannot be through it an unlawful trespass from one kingdom into another (which also would be more likely to occur if it could, because there is no sympathetic energy drawing it back from doing that which it should not).

Finally, evility comes where there is a straying or a bleeding out, where through experience a being does have keys a’further, which then decidedly become corrupt. This in itself is the sadness of Heaven, and the price of Knowledge - thus the true Original Sin. 

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