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Friday, May 20, 2011

After Death Conditions- Easter 9th April 2004

WITH any two possibilities there is a preferred outcome. There are of course two goodnesses at all times, but equally and sadly there is an eventuation which may be and may not be at destiny's heart, its true heart and selfhood.

We can know this because Nature is, at the very least, consistent. Regardless of generations of two possibilities and then more, its defining meant that the better choice always outlived the poorer one; and thus the heart, in time, was known. As individuals this is the same - even though we might not consciously deem it to be so, when time permits and reveals what was and is to last.

For the Gods, in their high stations of hell and heavenly quest - Hell: a word which (in speaking etymologically dear friend) was designated "Lower Heavens", and more exactly, "of the Sun" [Helios] - our Gods too battled each other for the supremacy of outcomes that out from any two possibilities one would prevail. It was only through Christ did we come to any corporate enterprise at all.

Of course, when you come to think of it, the lower Heavens were in themselves paradisiacal (in their own way) until polluted by the earthly mishaps that later frequented and often stayed after death. 

Prior to this world's collapse (spiritually speaking) the place of Hell was quite lovely - a 'little heaven' or 'heaven before Heaven' etc.: the Divine Anteroom before the Holy Theater to come. But the garbage and the waste of the sphere itself amassed and had nowhere to move to. With no immediate redemption it fed back upon itself into the World, but did not dissolve with grace. Evility soon spread in this way and then later with predators coming in also from an outside opportunistic source.

'Bad Gnomes' are not such an off-beat example - elemental beings attached to the mineral kingdom here, with passports in thereby, coming from their associated planetary spheres....these beings dwelling in the lower portions of the Earth, partially palpable, but not incarnate materially, physically, yet investing themselves now in the evolution of Man in time. 

Proportionate to vast armies, but with no real organization or cohesive tolerance, these antagonistic beings suffer goodness as pain and incite mean mirth wherever they can find a host. Although they have a mineral nature (and hard head because of it), their presence and concerns have now built substantial subterranean houses dedicated to an evil worth - pockets of hell furnished with the remnants of what were once men; trophied archives for the demons within. 

Wherever there are discarded astral remains (through some violent death or worse), the 'suit' of the soul is worn and animated by these beings of evil, parading the grotesque capture of humanity's worse moments. There are not only suits of torturous deaths, but also of perverted and obsessed individuals.

Trapped in an astrality that feeds upon its own desires (rather than in the goodness of any one act - giving and receiving a sublime vitality), these 'suits' of a former man are garishly performing the most horrible of acts on a nightly basis. If you have ever had a dream of a massive collective in orgy or obscene violence, then you have happened upon one of these caverns we speak of. You might recall paintings also, where there are such communities of now hellish behavior, wild and with a jumble of participants. These are not ensouled men, but rather the astral bodies of men reanimated with demons within. The only suits they can wear, the only variety that will not break down and pursue their original owner, are those which have been left hurriedly, or through the sorry disintegration of the humanity of the man within.

Furthermore, apart from this seemingly meaningless frolic of morbid fantasy, apart from this 'party' of corruption (that, by the way, is ever growing), there is also the working notion that some kind of creature can be exhumed from these remains. There are attempts to both affect and alter the nature of Man through them, whilst also begin a new race - a different being again.

Such creativity does not come directly from these elemental demons but from diseased men who are living and knowingly working along these designs, and subject to greater influences than themselves that also have a malign intent towards mainstream Humanity and its Nature.

This is no small problem. It is of course somewhat trite trying to place into paragraphs the keynotes of the realms of Hell, but in order to grasp the significance of this time, it is worthy of a ponderance and certainly an educated study.

Death to most takes a soul into personal and private realms which do review and recant and are very much influenced initially by their own astral impressionings over the lifetime just past. But all of this is in accordance with the angelic guides that watch over the sleep-dreaming soul (unless they are developed to the point of wakefulness here and therefore they can choose their way out from Kamaloka with a determined rapidity). 

For the ordinary man, woman or child, the process immediately after death is as natural as a very good day here alive. There is a routine and it is followed with a wisdom and a knowing that has no upset - even if and when there are encounters with troubles along the way. Such troubles are brought to peace. It is, by and large, a happy time. Habits are brought to cease, longings are either fulfilled or shown the promise of; the once tired body is exchanged for a blessed vehicle of light-filled exuberance, and the events of the life are seen with a fresh objectivity that absorbs most of the shock which otherwise could follow with a tedious retelling. It is revivifying and not difficult. The aspects of death are kindly and not cruel. 

Then there are several varieties of death that are exceptions to this. At the very worst, (the very, very worst) the most evil of men (say for example the variety working for the demise of humanity knowingly) cannot collect their working bodies after death because they have become so very repulsive to their selves. Their own Angels have been long dismissed, their lower natures have become so enshrouded with dead mass, (the kind spoken of literally); and the desire for self-betterment - for evolution, for development - is not there to carry them into the higher realms. 

They are very much abandoned and quite naked in demise, cannot go forwards and are condemned to go back. The soul itself despairs and eventually the only remains of the godly-humanity returns to its own without license to incarnate or bear humanness again. For this individual the astral body however, does remain intact and becomes far worse than before. There is no human empathy or conscience as a possibility and the invested negative developments are all that exists, seeking out its own 'life' through extraordinary means. This 'life' is sustained through the astral actions and elemental beings attached to men who are living and feeding vitality to such occupations that incur it. And so it goes.

Then there comes the death of the poor individual who has been tortured or endured abject violence. In such instances, the release out from the body does a few things. Firstly it makes the retrieval process of the astral body impossible and so the individual is propelled out from a phase with nothing of note to take with them from the astral learnings of that life. Ordinarily they would 'pack their bags' over a period of review, and distil the qualities they have accumulated within the organ's astral nature. Each organ corresponding with a planet's virtue and strength, would normally have been a suppository for their effort during their life. But in this case the astral body shafts off with a repulsive vigor and the individual goes straight into the higher heavens very quickly.

If pain was suffered immediately preceding the death there is a compensatory wakefulness which ensues in the spiritual worlds thereafter. This wakefulness, for the consciousness, is blissful and a great gift. The atheist will not ordinarily have a wakefulness but even he, if there is pain in the physical body beforehand, will sense the spiritual magnificence of what is around him. Pain itself of course is usually associated with the astral body alone, however the experience of coping with the pain actually works its way into the soul itself, in a blessed action that remains.

Anyone who has suffered great pain will know the experience of almost disincarnating, because of the strength of the impelling forces too difficult to consciously meet with and reconcile immediately, or the debilitating and wearing pain of constant and chronic aggravation. The soul in both instances champions the individual, who in their life, has come to the perilous threshold. There is an infilling of grace, and expedient blessing. The soul is matured by this in lasting ways, awake to the absolute compassion of the adoring and caring beings that travel with them in same, but not same, suffering also.

It is often noted how very quickly our time in the World goes for those in the spiritual worlds; but with pain felt here, it is the reverse. A painful episode in experience here resounds through the heavens like a booming gong. It is not diminished by the 'shortness' of the time or the changeable nature of material life. Some experiences are not just physical or astral alone at all, and pain itself is one of them.

It would be careless to mention just how the dark forces use pain (or try to use pain) in their scheming, but it is enough to say here that it becomes a big part of their function, and not only because of the reverse effect it might hold within their own perception.

The death of the drug user is usually very difficult at first. Narcosis after death (having carried on from the condition just prior) allows for the perception of those astral happenings outside of the personal bodily situation. Those images alluded to before, of the hideous compilations of Sin - the Hell of the Demonic Parties - these scenes are certainly witnessed by the poor fellow that has passed in a subdued condition due to drugs or alcohol.

What a contrast to the fellow who has endured pain!

Our relationship to those poisons which cause an altered state within our perceptions goes deeper than chemical, physical blocking. Although we have been speaking astrally as well, it can be noted that the very natures of narcotic substance are (of course) anti-man.

Whilst in some circumstances we can view a pain-suppressor as a godsend (and may it be said that there are circumstances where the administration of such is more than acceptable and has a certain action different to what is to be described), it should be noted that any substance which incurs a disruption and death to the working forces in a man is contrary to his life, and its suitabilities.

Such substances come from realms, and spheres of a stronger nature, that are contrary to Christ. They are not of themselves helpful to Man. They are not, as some might have it, any kind of medicine. Eventually they lead an individual into their own sphere - with a seductive pull and a rapid extraction. 

Men who suffer these deaths do escape from the 'wastelands' overall, but are debilitated for a long time after. The period between death and rebirth is usually naturally rejuvenating, however there is a tiredness in the individual that seems to carry over, which is for no apparent reason other than their spiritual life has been compromised and needs building upon in an active way.

With Christ we are give our forces of selfhood and the direction of creativity within that, but when such abilities are contradicted by self-negating poisons then the revenue for opportunity is slighted thereafter. It is not impossible by any means to recover fully from this involvement, but it takes working for.

It is also mistaken to believe that higher individuals can participate with these anti-man poisons and not be contaminated accordingly. The only exceptions (and this is said hesitatingly) are time bound, and not around the time of death either. For example, if Christian Rosencreutz were to be given a narcotic unknowingly he may or may not be influenced by its power (he certainly could withstand its influence by the strength of his own inner disposition) and on rare occurrence it would have no effect, with or without him challenging it. But even he could not take such a substance day after day without being corrupted.

Equally and also, a good soul that is near the end of their life and has been administered to with a narcotic of some sort, often has two exceptional considerations. Firstly you will find that the pain, still to some measure (until the end and coma ensues), will exceed the pain-nullifier. This tells us that the consciousness is intact and the situation after death will be graceful, not harmful. And so if an individual who is not in pain takes an opiate, there is a completely different reaction after death (and before of course) than with the soul who is reconciling forces accordingly. 

Secondly, as with C.R. above, at the end stages it is not at all the favored outcome to have many pain-nullifiers just prior to death. But in the event of it happening you find that the soul has desisted and departed the body, withdrawing and preparing in many ways some time before. All of this affects the passing in a very good way. The importance of the final days is not at all the same as they might be with the rapid death.

The death of the accident victim is very interesting, because although an accident is often a violent passing it quite often is prepared for ahead of time. The accident is designated by the individual as the way of departure. Now this is very different from a murder, because, as we have mentioned before, no murder is preordained or karmicly designed.

Now in the physical nature of the abrupt passing it is true that the processes are very difficult and the 'suitcases' go with the individual empty. But this is not always a bad thing, and in point of fact, often by intention this was the chosen exit.

For example: a child absorbs the influence of the surrounding adults up until a certain age and thereafter is haunted by this influence. It is now part of their astrality, and is even added to, however were circumstances different, this would not be so. Or a woman for example, might have had a time when she was sexually set upon and this has lived within her astral being also.

There are many things we would not choose necessarily to take with us, even for all of the virtue as well, that can be still exhumed. And sometimes there is no real choice. For the accident victim who takes days to die, you can know that they are in fact enabled to sort through their astral baggage and choose what they will. In the case of immediate death they have, for one reason or another, disassociated completely.

For the death of the morally corrupt there is of course the journey out to the Hell party, and this is interesting because for them Kamaloka takes on a different meaning. Usually a person will self-determine empathies that should have been picked up during the course of their life with their actions. They have the empathetic understandings, but have been too self interred to really experience them consciously whilst alive, so for the normal passing, folk trade places with everyone they have ever had interactions with, and experience their own actions from the other's perspective. 

Now when it comes to the morally challenged folk this does not occur. Part of their problem really lies in the immaturity of their conscience or the negation of its capabilities, and so their journey is different to the self-marked one after death. They are still compelled (by a higher choosing) to welcome the experience of empathy, but get their re-enactments through the all-too-willing demonic participants of the hell party. There they are given exactly what they gave out, yet because their consciousness is so used to that realm that they are now held in, they are very wakeful to the realities there. Their tormentors appear as they are, and the experiences are needless to say, quite frightening.

There is a definite end to this reparation which is relatively carried out in real time event by event. They are then released for restoration into Higher Heaven where the journey will for the most part be slept through. In most cases the soul returns to incarnate as dull-witted, perhaps arrogant, and needs to learn again what true charity and kindness can mean. It is a slow but meaningful reform.

The death of the materialist/atheist can be more frightening than all of the above. When folk talk about the 'fear of rejection', this is the ultimate realization of that fear. Floating in nothingness is a terrible experience, and not unusual for folk who are determined that that is all there is after death.

When a man or woman fears rejection during their life, it is completely related to their relationship between themselves and Father God. If our Arterial relationship with the Father is strong and acknowledged, then we are living the reality of this connection, however if we are uncertain of ourselves and our Arterial deciding is poor, then we are living the dread of not experiencing His Presence in our day-to-day lives.

The Arterial experience definitely couples with the egoic Christ relationship also. The actual fear of rejection (seemingly about community and one-on-one human relationships) really has nothing to do with that and the need for acceptance etc., but everything to do with the fear of rejection we might hold of Father God. For the person who has a poor Arterial connection, they are living the dread of that poor connection and perceiving it as Father God rejecting them, whereas it is they that need to refer honestly to themselves and the world.

Of course the same person will often compromise who they are to please others, thinking that they will be rejected less. This in turn leads to them having a weaker Arterial relationship, and then by that the fear grows larger and creates an elemental monster accordingly also!

It is actually a form of atheism to not live true to oneself, and behave accordingly. When we depart ourselves into insincerity we cease to believe as a true believer, and therein is the same experience of floating out of control into nothingness. This can be the demise of even the good Christian man, suffering alongside the atheist in his living reality, trying to appear other than what he really is.

Today is a day when we duly contemplate death. A death. A death that came after days of pain, and years of difficulties. There in that pain was also a rushing in of the Heavenly forces - an enhanced consciousness also, but even, for a very short time beforehand, also experienced the atheist's plight in the perceived 'forsaking'.

The events that occurred during the Life of Christ are yet to be fully realized within the World. His Incarnation is occurring as we speak, and has time to go before becoming fully apparent in every particle of material being.

Also and likewise, His Death and the consequences therefrom, are yet to be realized as well. When we come to know of this experience at Golgotha we will also literally come to a time when Death is conquered in the World and in Man.

What this means is, that we are not bound to a perfect worldly existence for all eternity, never moving from some planetary outpost. No, what it will mean for men is, that there will be a continuity of consciousness, where the experience will not be broken or differentiated, and we can exit the world (and in our sleep be) fully awake, and return remembering every event as it happened.

This is significant, because we shall also have the eyes to see during our lives - those who have passed on, and also into the spiritual realities about us. The veil will no longer mask the truth of what is about us. This is exciting, because often as not, the demons spoken of earlier hide in obscurity, and were it was that they could be readily perceived and exposed, folk would quickly be dissuaded from those pursuits that take them straight away into Hell!

The ramification of Christ's journey through this World - His World - and into Death, through Hell's mischief and then into Resurrection, the Life that has followed on from this course now committed to, is full of great change and happy prospect.

On this day we encourage all good folk to be prepared to know intensely the life around them. So often we flinch away from this knowing, as if we can just get by on a gossamer presentation and veil all aspects of our life. 

Just as our own death does treat us on a daily basis [sleep] with a lack of continuity, each day upon waking, can enforce a stronger faith of sorts, but at the same time be very disconcerting. Until that day arrives when ordinary men can perceive the spiritual worlds most naturally, it is vital that they begin to see themselves as they are moment to moment. Your only true reference is within, and it takes an honest effort on a continual basis to refer to the private self and declare the cares and concerns that exact your very being. Know your own heart and mind and do not be dissuaded, with no apology or compromise - stand firm in your Love, in Christ, and in our Father.

We give thanks for the times to come, and the wonders then known to all. And we pray until then, that men find themselves, amidst the external calamity. Christ is with you constantly. Never doubt or fear it otherwise, for this fear itself will distract you away from His Purpose and His Care.


  1. Quote "In accordance with the angelic guides that watch over the sleep-dreaming soul (unless they are developed to the point of wakefulness here and therefore they can choose their way out from Kamaloka with a determined rapidity)"
    My question: in meditation there are dangers if one should be lost, is there protection from Angelic guides, how can one be protected,
    Can prayers help before meditation? Thank you Brothers

  2. The Lord's Prayer is the best. There is a version on this blog.


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