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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gnana- 22nd March 2004

THERE is a spiritual pulse, that when known and contained, enables form. This spiritual pulse kinetically moves in passage from chakra to chakra for example; and at the core of its purpose is its communicative tow. For in every flow of pulse there is something taken up by that flowing rhythmic advance, and it is communicated down the pulse onto and through the adjoining spheres. 

This spiritual pulsing can create that homogenous thread necessary to form becoming complete. We cannot present, nor operate a working obedient whole, without a sympathetic system. The sympathetic responses come directly from the pulse's carrying forth and 'intelligence' contained within its own being.
Our own physical pulse knows its purpose through its benefactor, the spiritual pulse. The movement, action, conveying and enabling, are fundamental to the unseen but palpable spiritual reality. And whilst the heart is responsive and communicative with the pulse, it is neither the driver nor the superior. Just so within our soul's reasoning with respect to the outer worlds - we may have some reckoning as to the level of ebb and flow, but we are not the decider of life itself. 

In all things this is true. With all participating factors in day to day events around us, there are never just one or two reasons for anything occurring - any decision or event, any outcome or change, any motivation or desire. It never comes down to purely one or two considerations or factors, for this would be trite simplicity to believe that anything works or moves so independently. The multilayered sympathetic whole is what it is, and changes moment by moment. Nothing is stagnant or stationary in the spiritual worlds. Frame by frame it moves and shifts with living color!

 Even our own thinking can be in touch with this pulse just aforementioned. Rather than us knowing on a singular level any one thing, and abstracting that knowledge even further, we can think with that same pulse, which connects, conveys and creates form with its action of conjoining... This form of thinking is esoteric thinking; and there are many who now can come to learn the nature of this pulse, and relate the difference between the two forms of thinking that they enjoy.

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