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Friday, February 11, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 9

9. An annoyance and despair at supreme shortcomings (physicality for example, as opposed to immortality) consciously or unconsciously experienced by the individual. 

Supreme shortcomings are those things which are much larger than one's own immediate effectings…They engage debates about fundamental good and evil. They realize imperfection in the greater arena and are perplexed because of it.

This is a sadness known to all beings as well; although some happenings may be explained to be as 'mysteries' beyond our comprehension - but such explanations do not relieve the pain caused by the misunderstanding. The fact that there is a small proportion of infants born with disfigurement, that Nature herself cannot guarantee or safeguard against untoward outcome for lesser creatures at times; the reality that truth itself can be distorted so very easily and or mistaken; that we should ever contemplate our Christ crucified and it having happened! - These supreme shortcomings we cannot ever be content in or would want to be. 

The fact that we live and survive however, with the innate knowledge of these matters and more, tells us of a greater and corresponding strength we have been given to counter the confusion presented to our soul.


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