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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 8


8. An annoyance and despair at personal shortcomings consciously recognized.

No individual is comfortable at being less than what he aspires to or begins to think he should be. The ego which is striving consciously to become improved, senses deeply, not only the obvious faults and flaws but also the ones for which there is little or no control over. Even the implications of aging (as the world would have it nowadays - yes, even for us) are a grievance taken personally, when there is no conceivable way of abating it indefinitely. 

Added to this we find frustrations with minor shortcomings as they manifest during the contest of our consciousness. There is a process of thinking which implies that we are never quick enough, precise enough and so forth (which of course is true enough). 

However, the merit lies in the actuality as is, rather than in some relatively unreachable or obscure perfection. The truth we come to experience here is that we are suffering from our shortcomings (as others might also) and we begin to wish it were otherwise. The objective is to be content regardless, yet not smug in our failings.

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