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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Holy Man's Trials 10

10. An annoyance and despair at the perpetuation of shortcomings as are apparent in fellow individuals which afflict the personal wellbeing of oneself.

Often we are well qualified in discerning when another has interrupted our own sense of wellbeing and should not have done so; and in consequence to this complaint we suppress ourselves further in order to reconcile their actions as they affect us. So there is a dual-edged insult from the difficulties which sometimes afflict us from others. That firstly they have caused a grievance and then secondly they require that he (in the spiritual fellow) suppresses himself in order for him to let it pass or repeatedly happen. 

Overall however, we do react at least inwardly to afflictions most naturally and know exactly what effect others bear upon us, either consciously or unconsciously. It is advisable to excuse yourself from their company or their life if the problem becomes as death to yourself. How often a sensitive individual will, for example, scar himself at the suggestion of the offending 'martyr'. 

It is best to avoid unruly people - those who display crude or lesser natures or willful angry outbursts. Whilst we may pray for their lives to find some equilibrium we do not need to incur the cost upon our own selves in the disruption it causes. This passage best serves to alleviate the guilt which protests our right to experience disquiet when we are affected sorely. Isn't it a conundrum that this is so difficult to the developing man?


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