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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Perfect Space Within

THERE is a space within us which is utterly perfect. It has to be perfect, and contrasts dearly everything else outside of us that fits but does not fit. For all life is most properly suited amongst itself, but to be so lives in compromise. We know happily too, that both perfection and compromise are craved by ourselves.

There is a wisdom you know which is absolute and unshakeable. Just thinking of it draws it near, out from the chambers of your own soul's knowing. Within this stronghold of perfect and correct truth, there lives the light of your being. What a powerfully immaculate being it is, and how the universe attends to its glamor and its glory!

Your wellness has never been contested, for it resides permanently and endures all. Your fight here and now is for the whole of our dear humanity. It is one which brings us all the more closer to living compatibly soul-in-the-imperfect-world. You are immense ... and the tensions felt are in this great reckoning!

Empower with the Sun,
And go to the spaces in night,
And thank God for your greatness,
Dear One!

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