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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Will, Christ's Will & the Holy Spirit- 8th October 2000

In finding the strength of our own wills, and also the Will of Christ, what are the 'usual' means? Study? Prayer? Meditation? From whence comes the 'will' to even do these things?

I sometimes wonder. I have heard most of my life that "Life is a Gift"....But if this is so, why do we stress and work for it by exertion of our will?

It often seems to me the opposite would be something to be a complete releasing of 'personal' will and allowing the Higher Will to operate through us as empty vessels...You know, like,

"Not me but Him within me who doeth the works."

So it appears that the only outcome of such a weakened will must eventually be complete dissolution....unless there is divine intervention of some sort, no?

It is a paradox, it seems. But I really don't know what more to write because I fear I have no answers. All I know is that I see this apparent weakness in myself (and in my loved ones) and have prayed ardently for years for us to be free of self destructive tendencies... and all I seem to get in response is "you need a stronger will"....ok…I agree. But where will I get it?...and how?...and when?

(Perhaps these things are none of my business and I simply need to have faith and wait.)

-Br. Ron

THE Holy Spirit is the active Will of Father God in manifestation. All life is compelled and driven by His Will. When we invite His Will we invite Life to us. This 'spiritus fervor', 'spiritus essential' moves through the waters of space, effervescent amongst the awaiting ethers, pertinent yet as an entirely free agent - expelling, rejuvenating, releasing, inspiring, coaxing (with a voracity), impelling and motivating, working its way through the mass, this our Holy Spirit, Will of God.

This Will, this Life behind all Life, is supremely intelligent, for it has the wherewithal to go where it is needed, and also the carefulness so as not to break apart the very life it has imbued, merely by its exuberant presence. There is a knowing about it, a consciousness which enters into all things in which it moves and inhabits - in everything animate in which the Spirit indwells.

We may relax that of our own willing and hold back that of our desires, referring them to Him, and in the process it may appear to our consciousness that this is an 'act' (or enact) of submission or complacency. This giving over to Father God is often equated with a 'giving up' also. But indeed, calling upon the Higher Will immediately invokes a yet much higher activity which within itself has an empowerment to do absolutely anything. This may not coincide with the ego of the individual or of his first and natural desires immediately, but it will in actuality, begin its passage and answer the need. And it does by the very calling, bring Life to all things fading and in cry for much sustenance.

There is the question: why can we not live upon this Life of the Holy Spirit rather than take to ourselves food and even inspiration? Why must there be a collaboration of natures that we may survive in the physical existence?

Overall there is a mystery as to why Man has been given his talents and prospects for great knowing as well, that the creative spirit is within him, one which in later evolution shall prove itself in many marvels of worth and activities of generous charity. The greater Cosmos awaits! There are still surprises that we can offer amongst the manifold beings beyond the gateways of Humanity. We have much to offer and delight the anticipating company with! But the mystery is as to why? Perhaps these are gifts we do not question, but simply cherish and put to use accordingly.

However, part of this giftedness is in that we too have wills which stream forth from our conscious beings - we are deciders, even at the most rudimentary of levels. We have choices and knowings and deliberations which are beyond the dear Angelic hosts and way over the heads of the lesser creatures and entities. We have mind which is coupled with heart, cognitive reasoning which has intuitive resources - and also we have a 'beingness' which defines ourselves in distinction from all else (our egos). This egoic mix, whose process may direct a little will (our own will, as distinct from the greater), a will which also calls to it by definition, much life … comes of Christ.

How often we hear of the will being equated with force and mistaken for a violence! Now how the perspective can change! and you may begin to grasp the gracefulness of this most potent, yet discerning, Maximus Moveus!

Returning to the subject at hand, we find that it is remarkable that beings can keep their life contained. This is a marvel. As you can imagine, if you will, this property of containment must in itself, be considerably honorable - must require a propriety that is both permeable to the comings and goings of the Holy Spirit, whilst also acts as a protective membrane to the very life within. This containment is pert to the life, for which otherwise there would be no foci points or characters to provide the definition of beingness from.

This is a point best remembered, because it has a meditative/therapeutic value to it, just in the knowing. There was something of this intimated in the paper about astral leakages. In the latter there was implied that the portals of one's starry body can be compromised if certain activities were incorporated. By this, we can also find an image of the membrane containment becoming weakened, that the life which carries with it many wonderful properties may be the same life which sores the individual with its potence. So rather than contemplating the dissolving of such containment (which is not recommended of course) we may take time to be appropriately grateful for that which can meet Life with a resistance which is not dissuading, but equal to it - and can thus incorporate, detain, engage and contain it well.

Here is a wonderful primer for spiritual ethnicity! That within our relationships with all other individuals we can strive to meet hearts and minds in like manner in a way which is not dissuading, but equal - that the tension be so perfect between us that it becomes exact, in love.

Correct perspective ennobles and enables. We are equipped within ourselves, within both our containments and our will, when we have developed a clarity of knowing. You see, the knowing and the will are infinitely bound, just as they are with the Father and His Life as it is given to us through His Spirit, revealed through His Christ … and for those who choose annihilation to their minds, egos, consciousness or being, there becomes a deficit - a lifelessness, a lovelessness, an inability to influence further life through exerting their own ways, wants and will. This is only just (fair) within a system which relies upon the creativity and productivity of Life to further itself; and a truth, which when come to becomes verily the elixir to all!

God speed!

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