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Friday, November 26, 2010

Dragons Everywhere- 13th November 2000

In all the towns,
In all the times,
I am here.

Of all the towns,
Of all the times,
I am here.

Constantinopal bore a rugged composure - noncommittal to his fellow men, yet ravenously in love with the divine fortitudes.

He was suspicious that he was losing his mind; such was his constant warring and vigilance against himself. Contrarily, he defended every weakness he owned, at the same moment despising this martyr's crusade.

He could not say that he enjoyed much of this world, not much at all, for it inevitably brought him to the dragon-pools, where from yet one more scaly creature would emerge.

Constantinopal was not an unkindly fellow amongst his fellows. He could recognize benevolence, he was well disciplined in charity. A missionary, a visionary, he faced a lonely world that was treacherously holed with dragon pits.

Dragon pits
And dragon lairs,
Dragon pools
And dragon snares!

"I think I feel like cheese this evening" he said to himself one night … and out through a hole slid a miniature dragon, lizard-like, that sat upright on its compressed and bulging thighs, waiting defensively to take a bite at him.

"Everywhere! They are everywhere!"
His anguish heightened commensurate with his unceasing task.

Crusading had never been so tiring as it was, stuck in this modern age of diverse dragonry. Chivalry had begun to get complicated, for hitherto a knight might have had just one very-large-universal-almost-corporate dragon to endure and overcome. But they had propagated and populated those dark damp places humid to incongruity, slumming and cohabiting hungrily around Man.....

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