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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Returning to the Garden- 31st August 1998

PERIODS of evolutionary characteristics are frequently recycled with habitual enterprise. As some recede, so it is that others are recalled, each with their varying additions to the former age they echo, but all needing a founding reminiscence to seed their era begun.

Eden's time is still amongst us, and although we have been locked out from the garden, it is all the while about us, all the while presently here, for the original Paradise has not left humanity, but remains this World's etheric world.

The 'dust' which we were born from and shall return to, explains the condition of physical substance at present, being so removed from the etheric which goes on to enliven and animate it. Without the Tree of Life there is no life, and although we cannot at this time perceive His radiant world which shoulders ours, it is nonetheless, that which sustains us, being but the true realm in which the physical rests and cleaves.

However, the question is: Was there destined to be this ordinary separation as did follow? Why did Man lose his clairvoyant perception that showed him the beauties and the wisdoms of this sunlit place? Why was he forced out from the timeless Paradise into pain and corruption, where bodily death and deviation and all manner of stupidities would prevail so? Was this factored in our development and intrinsic to Christ's own Mind?

The first principle here to consider, is that it is not within the nature of higher and divine beings to contradict themselves. Christ would no more welcome suffering into His Humanity and gamble on the subsequent 'fall out' from Paradise, than He would place development before Love.

Gravely, one should ask of the notion of development and evolution that we hold to and wonder what exactly are we working for? Man's objective had to be realized firstly within the imaginative powers of Our Creator and held there in relation to his becoming. Bizarre though it be to us, the period in between Eternity's realizations is of little consequence to the 'big, BIG picture'.

When we return to our Father God, in witness to Him, for revivification, in episode of withdrawal (during sleep, during blink, during referral in prayer and with arterial deciding, during death), when we return to our Father we are there and then quite perfect in all that we are. Eternity is not open-ended, it just is. That portion of Man which is godly is godly throughout, without cessation, true to its causation, and responsive in splendid repose by His Grace. It is this which entitles men to dream and imagine themselves nobly, more than outwardly ever appears reasonable. It is this that brings forth the very best and gracious loves, enstrengthened with a purpose that knows that all is achievable in time. 

Our consciousnesses extract much that they need, meeting the world and the fellows within it from a perspective of pressure. Pressure is all about us, because although the organs coincide and cooperate, they do so within our systems to the tune of a regulated series of pressures. Our atmospheric conditions are similar, right up to the clouds of whose weight above our heads we are unconsciously quite aware of. The physical world in its compactiveness, and in its current relationship to the etheric world, feels and is this pressure. Death can be perceived as a cessation of pressure - the vitalities no longer flow within, there is no surface tension, no systolic or diastolic reckoning, no vortex of movement ensuing; only the vacuumous action of sensorial withdrawal.

Now the sensing of such pressure by the consciousness commits it to believe that pain is ever possible. It is of course, only a nerve ending away. It is there in the astral, known to us already. As regards the spiritual pain of humankind, of our hierarchies, of our related kingdoms, of our angelic sympathizers, of our recently departed and of our Christ - this pain is known to us also. What of the pain of past recall, the countless deaths we personally have come to, and the losses of many beloved also? Yes, pressure to the point of pain, and reminiscence of pain is ever before us.

This is what it meant predominantly for Man to have fallen as he did from the arms of Paradise. She still cradles the fearful infant, but he is very much 'naked' now to a pain and tenderness that did not happen before the astrality gave him the starry nerves he now wears on his outer membranes. Nor had he the degree of consciousness that it does provide; and this was the gift of compensation to come to him.

For all difficulties there are compensatory joys bestowed. This provision assures futures; and if you consider it momentarily, you can see how exactly this principle underpins evolution itself - evolution growing out from a series of difficulties and joys, of wins which prevail, of life which not only continues but improves. Without this principle much, most or all, would have ended in defeat. One winter, one malformed sprout, one opportunistic swarm, could bring extinction to every expression of life there is, so quickly! Would that cells choose this way other than that ... but yea! it is put to good use, and a joy arrives right out of that preposterous turning, and we call it adaptation, evolvement, coercion, when creativity bounds out of the past, wildly trying its own version, putting pressures into places they have never been before!

Plan or provision? Plan or compensation known and given? Here is a thought: death and its pains and pressures, is not known in the spiritual worlds. Before Christ wrestled Death, before He assumed the physical form and met its endings, and felt its tightness, drew its weight, knew the consumed nature of all desires and their sweet answerings, bruised, swelled and bled ... until our Christ manfully felt these things, there had not been a spiritual entity who knew what Mankind had become endured to.

Beings who live at the perimeters of this world can sense well enough the emanations, be them blessed or of hate. They can hear the words both whispered and cried, and they can see into places both vast and detailed; but they cannot comprehend the pain and pressure known to Man in the physical existence.

So in this Fall we distanced ourselves from many spiritual entities, who now do not share our experience (and nor would they choose to). As spirits we had everything! Each soul had its twin and could know love therein. As cosmic beings we were so well qualified, because we were endowed with key substances belonging to realms throughout - our passports gave us freedoms which many, many entities had not. As part of Christ's ensemble we had virtue and beyond that, key qualities of exultation - we had laughter! True merriment still fazes our invisible onlookers at times; and at others, they share in it (except for the demons who, if they ever had laughter, have forgotten all but the mocking variety). Yes, as men we were blessed, and remain so, irregardless of death.

Was this of our own making? Could Mankind be blamed for the nerve-racked embattled condition of the organic whole? As we see it, the problems began at the first when Man became exterialized rationally. Hitherto he had been able to purport himself with imaginative projections and powerfully emanate at will what he should choose to create - of this he was capable and coherent. Preceding the Fall, when Man emptied out of himself, there was an exposure and freedom given to the various aspects he contained. Painfully these aspects still held to a correspondence with him, and also had keys to his own nature. But also, by the freeing up of these now manifesting attributes, he gave license to them to perpetuate on in ways which were to become much remorse.

You see, the Serpent which became snake, was of Man and of Man's past, of his making. The Serpent was given a freedom of expression, which then double-backed upon Man. It had to be so. Worse than that there were other beings who sought out the fostering of each and every species, that they could sidle up and then combine with the forthcoming heritage of Humankind. These beings could entertain themselves in the associated realms of thought, origin and corresponding organ, infiltrating Man, infecting his futures all the more.

This saga is not hopeless, but it is painful. Just how painful is little known, save by men and by Christ. This subject touches on the deepest roots of the fundamental maladies about; however, as remedy to this we prefer to contemplate The Incarnation and the changes which occurred upon this Globe since that event.

Pray zealously for Christ's wellbeing - who else could have labored so and manufactured our retrieval? And when, for a time, the pressures have eased and you feel your own life returning in the warmth, in the brightest of days, in the voracity of nature, and in kind, know that true Paradise hearkens, and is never ever very far away!

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