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Saturday, March 20, 2010

For Overcoming Doubt

To our cherished benefactors of the Faith:
We call upon you that we may ease our doubts:
For Doubt makes his visit, and does ridicule us heavily;
Especially at those times when we are forlorn.

We call to you that you might share a measure of your –
Unshakable certainty,
Undeterred constancy,
And immovable faith.

May we experience your –
Open dedication,
Complete and tried commitment,
And pure motivations.

Shall we come to know of your –
Tireless application,
Forthright instigations,
And pious proliferations
In all endeavor.

And may we, like you, come to –
Steadfast determination,
Centered in God,
Around which all else does pivot.


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