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Friday, March 19, 2010

Prayer against Cynicism

Dear and Beloved Father,
To whom we all entrust,
We pray today,
For all of that false thinking and judgment,
Undue and unjust,
And for all of those who suffer such constraints,
As delivered by prejudicial cynicism and its offspring.

We know that the bounty becomes as ruined and spoiled,
When men pretend that beauty is no more than filth,
Quick to corrupt Your fragile Grace.
We know also that such splendor will not be denied,
And that the poison that is contempt,
Need only meet with such Understanding as is Yours,
To become as true Love, tight-bound in new found sympathy.

Oh dear God, let men be brought to Your Illumined Mind,
And empowered by such Wisdoms, that can contrast truth from lies,
And do so withstanding those personal convictions
Which contradict Your Law, Your Love and Divine Perspective.

We are humbled in our approach to great knowledge,
We are with apology for all of our false presumptions,
And we pray that we may come to higher knowledge
With reverence and true reception,
For all of Your array of Wisdom's beauty.


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