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Sunday, March 21, 2010

For Configurations: the Community of Christ

Beloved Saints and Martyrs,
And to all who bear witness to our King of Mercy: our Christ-
We call to you, oh cherished members,
That you might include us in your divine and orderly transpirations ...

We ask that we may become as Knights to your Order;
Knights virtuous, pledged and true,
To an almighty movement of Heaven to Heart,
Heart to Earth, Earth to Heaven and back again.
For all good purpose and divine engineering,
For peace-making and strength to defend such peace,
For freedom for men and that they be free to be men.

We call to your fellowship,
And offer all that we have to the Order of Christ and associated brethren.
Let all beings who are like-minded, and true also in heart,
Be welcomed to our quarters and afforded assistance for need.

We pray too, on behalf of all men,
That they will awaken to their rightful allegiances,
And come to you also,
Dear brothers in love.


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