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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Prayer for the Earth

Holy Sepulcher,
We cling to thee with ever a fond recall ...
We pray for your wellbeing today and call upon those beings
To whom your passage is entrusted,
To protect well our advancing Planet, and keep her safe.

We call too, into the realm of Men,
That they may tend to her lovingly and take heed of her wisdom,
For good hygiene is good ecology,
And good ecology subsists the continuance of much dear life and lives.

We thank thee for your being,
And your vast and welcoming comprehension of us;
And we pray for your happy continuance, furtherance and evolvement.

Dear Father, we ask you to remember our Earth,
That she shall be protected at all times from harm and disease.
We pray that you will grant her continuance in this fine effort,
And value her being, as we who gather unto her, most certainly do.
We are committed to her concerns,
And pledge to defend her where needed.
We ask you to never forsake this precious planet,
And all of her relatives.


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