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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tri Tri Again!-1991

OF ALL the mysteries perhaps one of the more deeply profound is the question as to why Man did suffer such a 'falling-out' with Paradise. Why he during the course of a life, cannot recollect with clarity the spiritual worlds.

Overall one is a question for the theologians, as too for philosophical inquiry. The other one is of individual perspective. There are even some questions (wonder of wonders!) which we do not hold complete detailed perceptions of. It is unwise to be specific to the extreme when faced with enormously profound whys and wherefores. However, what is known is a question which only time can answer.

Because Paradise has been, because all men do know it, it shall be once again. There is a solemn truth which designates all that is past to be renewed and reborn. Therefore perhaps the issue of what occurs in between the first and second Paradise, is yes relevant to the moment, but not relevant to God or the Cosmic perspective. The question relates rather to timing. As we trust that this is always perfect, the question relates to patience and being content with such.

Individually however, it is a different question as to why the cosmic children have been spun down into realms manifest, where the Face of their Father has been hidden from them. Does He watch us at play, as through the great kitchen window? Do the children rebelliously mimic and laugh, or obediently come when the Father does call? 

We may not live the lives of our children on their behalf. Benevolence and unconditional love, strict insights and family treasures, this we pass on. Concern is not worry, concern is correct. Worry is unknown to our Father.

Each man bears duty to the family of his world. Also too, he must answer the Cosmic Kingdoms and align himself in their accord. But for now, he is afforded a time to play and experience. Yes, these are the salad days!

Our Globe does encircle the girth and girdle of the Lord, and we on said Globe are given such freedoms that Angels do dream of. Many a Kingdom is fascinated by our endeavors and exploits- many a chuckle and a titter, from below and above. There has to be humor in the Divine or we should not be manifest! 

For all the awkward recklessness of Man, there shall be the quiet times to come. We must continue to work, and with grave concern, definite intent. 

If this dialogue appears that we care not and wish to partake in the antics, we have misled your thought. But needs be that one is balanced in perspective, that overall we draw courage from the big and sturdy truths, that we may address all work at hand in full knowledge of such overall perspectives. Then we apply the grave concern. For laughter is twofold.

We may not become so complacent about the prospects of destiny that we expect all future to unravel of its own. Besides there is always the possibility, which none of us can answer, that if Mankind chooses not their destiny then perhaps another shall fulfill it. That is the grave concern part. Of course if one holds to opinions unselfishly, then all prayers are answered. If Mankind and the folk you have come to know are especial to you, then it is your desire to set them on the course which was their inheritance in the first place, to be afforded to them.

One can hope! No, we are not gambling men! We do not speculate, we do not give odds. We are in good company. We have all the help one could ever ask for. Time is on our side, as time was brought into being by Man himself. Man does unfold mostly everything that is needed, out from his own constitution.

Impulses and inclinations change so radically from century to century, swinging backwards and forth. Very little remains remotely similar to its cousin of the past. But for those with overview, we are given the fount of the future to draw our forewarnings of change from. The silver-glass which reflects all cosmic change may be previewed way before such movements stir in the fate of Mankind. 

There has to be much counterbalancing at given times. If the course is to journey straight to desired goal, our position is to effect the balancing when the soul waivers between the extraneous and the spirit.

Never accept the disheartened point of view. This is the sufferance which is borne of the men who deny the spiritual realities. When focused upon the outer world and its aspects, step back and widen such perspective. 

Remembering, reminding oneself, that worry brings failure; and worry is unfounded, failure is apparent. "Let me introduce you to my friend" says Worry. Enter Failure. Best not entertain Worry at all. If Failure turns up, thank him for pointing out error and circumstance, and then bid him go far, far away. Worry brings Failure prematurely. They have a close relationship. Failure is very obliging. He will visit where needed and where not needed, if called upon by Worry. As it is he is overworked, so best not disturb him more than need be!

So be of good cheer and strive to assist the progress of Man whenever, and wherever the opportunity presents. In this there will be felt and acknowledged the great family from which one is so importantly a part of. One may go running to the Elders for help if the children 'play up' or assume responsibility and take the matter in hand yourself. Either way, be happy in this. 

(Don't Worry, Be Happy!- Good song, very inspired.)

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