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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mineral Deposits & their Overload- 1991

ARKANSAS, KANSAS, has one of the richest mineral deposits, with veins of every particular ore known to man streaming through the subterranean layers; encrusting in conglomerate pockets and combinations of material, impacted and amassed, in rich abundance.

With such graduations and bulk, there comes also a condition whereby certain active and reactive relationships within the stratum, cause great eruptions and cavities - earth seizures that extend throughout the vast area of continent. There is a determined relationship between the mineral banks, their sizable area, their content and their mix, and the predisposition to sizable earthquake activity.
Mineral outcrops naturally seek to dominate each other with influence and character, they also in nature rejoice when due release comes by men of mining, who subsequently disperse the material throughout the above world.

Extraordinary conflicts within the earth arise when such deposits congregate in close proximity, as such minerals will of themselves continue to call down into the area the very forces that are of their origin and making. Combinations of these celestial impulses are, in the extreme, aggravations to one another; and during certain aspects of the starry calendar, waves of impulse react through the earth- in a similar fashion to lightning transmitted through the upper atmospheres. This conflict in conductivity causes fissures to open and rock to crack where the impulses have come to overload and have no earthly avenue to escape, as one contacts the other and meets with disagreement.

Thus we shall find that where such rich pockets of varying mineral material have flourished, i.e. the coastline of the continent of Russia (also conflicting with the activity of the Tibetan region), there shall be seismographic activity with a predisposition to disastrous consequences in that region of the upper world.

The beings which inhabit the lower regions and attach themselves to the given influences absorbed within the earthly confines, endure much dissension and characteristically vary in much the same way as men do, race to race, man to man. In point of fact, the very nature of the mineral impulse is the determining factor in both.
However, all of the starry influences are reflected in man, whereas the inhabitant of the elemental realm of the inner-earth likens his characteristics by usually one, or at best an assortment of a few such influences. Some of these entities are assertive by nature and presume to dominate by their imparting influences of that nature which is of their own. Others, as semi-conscious sleepers, dream through such manifestation with their consciousness extending throughout the upper worlds or even further, and do not participate in aggressive propagation or ambitious persuasion.

The conflict as afore described, when aggregates of mineral bodies cohabit so closely as to repel each other's influences, can apply also to the physiological constitution of Man, whereby certain minerals within the system can seek to dominate or interfere with the absorption qualities of another or dramatically cause systemic conflict within a given organ; depending on excessive or deficient combinations, biological rhythms, and the rhythms of day/month/year starry impulses.

Of recent years men have felt the temptation to saturate their systems with great quantities of mineral supplements, regarding nutrition to be that which we 'take in to ourselves'. The current philosophy of nutrition generally assumes that within certain ranges one must ingest, ingest, ingest. And if one hasn't got something or isn't sure, work from the presumption of deficiency and swallow a dose of it.

However the constitution may only absorb given quantities of any mineral at given times; and more often than not, the dose is way overestimated, as it is not the physical quantity of the refined mineral that assists the physical constitution, but rather the working relationship to that quantity and the impulses that circulate and assist with the characteristics of such functions. Such a relationship the body must determine, between the mineral and the incoming forces that stream through that mineral; and no amount of the given mineral will actually assist the nature of that relationship.

But what excessive amounts can do is cause remarkable conflict, whereupon the influences inherent to that particular mineral have no channel, no outlet, no earth, as it were, and begin to turn upon each other, causing physical deterioration by such activity.

The over-assimilation of lead is a fine example of such poisoning, for here we find marked deterioration of the nervous system, and then consequently, tissue. (Saturn on the attack?)

Honey is an excellent supplement if one should require this, that or the other. For here we have within one substance a mix of minerals, that through the loving labor of the bee, are brought together in such combination that the minerals within are no longer in conflict or argument against each other. Their incoming attractions to their individual influences are as effective as ever, however the remarkable bee has brought to this explosive combination the realization of community! The minerals have been transformed by the bee.

Also, one might add that these particular minerals have worked their way through to the higher realms of the plant world, and have been worked upon in the digestion of the plant, now to evolve further in the creativity of the bee. And so should one seek a supplement, honey is the most perfectly prepared tonic one should wish for.

As for cleansing the body of unwanted deposits of excessive minerals, fasting will not assist, fluid will help the organs excrete such a build-up; also a good common cold. 

Starvation of the body is never desirable. One must seek to find healthy rhythms of impulse in diet where the constitution does not become aggravated in fits and starts, but can properly direct those forces which good nutrition can offer us.

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