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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lion & the Lamb- 28th June 1991

LOOK to the creatures within. As the images rise and do surface, hold the picture of that animal that enters your mind and with artistic love for creation, move to change that picture before you. That the nature of the animals become gentle and meek, reach out in such visualization and expel that which makes the animal presented, awkward, ugly or unfriendly.

Before one's eyes there exists a great procession of quasi-creatures that present themselves as moods do come and go. The child who startles nightly at the picture concepts that come to gawk and grimace, interrupting the night's starry journey, these beasts and mutative forms are not of the child's own making. They are without. They are foreign to the nature of the innocent, but nonetheless do come before the eyes that catch the twilight shades betwixt slumber and wakefulness.

As adults we are happily amassed in either slumber or wakefulness, to the extent whereupon the menagerie of animalia and ghoulish imps do not impose upon our conscious eye, but can trouble the individual through recall, unsettling and upsetting coherent thought and pure meditation. We must greet the night creatures with a loving attitude, praying firstly for their evolution to be resolved through Christ, committing their inadequacies and atrocities to His care and consideration, expelling their vulgar forms from house and mind and forgiving them for their unsocial stations. Reform!

They are the reminder to Man of his duty towards future development. They come to our doors ever seeking such transformation, peering through windows with great, yet hopeless expectations. For when Man enters the kingdoms of Heaven he does not go alone. There is more than one- not only his self, his ego, but a host that trails behind and a host awaiting and held back, that went before. If there are sorry creatures bound to the Earth, they are dependent on Man himself. Much pity therefore is to be given in consideration for the wayward nature and mutated animalia.

We cannot entertain such forms as they are, and yet of course so many do. Corruption entertains corruption, and both mankind and the lower realms suffer this aggravation- a relationship of demeaning and disabling relations.
All that which is unsightly in Man marks and disfigures those beings of the lower realms. As the passions of Man are purified and the status of Christ resumed and resolved in the heart and the actions, breathing daily in the breast of each and every man, so too are those sorry entities earthbound, brought to salvation and given due opportunities for perfection.

So for the time being whilst shades encircle the Earth, and for every good man there are still ten unfortunates who presently continue to feed the taunting apparitions of the lower worlds, we visualize their redemption: redemption of Man, beast and elemental. That the spirit of paradise be again, that the grotesque may give way to unspeakable forms of beauty and expressions of much called-for love. That the virtues shall speak through the face of the fallen.

See then, the wild animal come meekly and in friendship to its former prey. Visualize the outcast ugly with a smile upon his extraordinary countenance. And with apology for circumstance and disposition, reassure the twisted, tortured specters, that beauty shall come to them though forgotten they seem to be.

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