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Friday, August 7, 2009

Balloons & Bubbles- 1st July 1991

THE form of the sphere has only been enjoyed by advanced races, rather than the primitive. Children delight in beholding and holding a ball. Historically it is interesting looking to cultures which have conceptualized spheres and reproduced them, and to those who have not made the discovery of the perfect form.

Ball games such as billiards or marbles, bring much enjoyment to the player, in the form, in the momentum gathered in the roll and in the crash of ball clicking ball. Carpet bowls and golf balls, croquet balls and lawn bowls - all of these balls, when flung at great speed, incite spectacular enthusiasm and fascination within the participant.

The sphere has of course the simplest of formulas, nonetheless it is geometrically opposed to that which we experience in life- self-contained, self-enclosed perfection which does not lend its pattern once established, to further propagation of itself. Once a sphere is a sphere of given size, it remains of that proportion.

In the natural world there are few spheres to be found, whereby forms may be conical or elongated - even rocks polished over time do not become as marbles.

Personally we carry two sophisticated orbs, two-thirds hidden, through which we view through. Save for the eyes we have no other spherical organ.

Of all forms the sphere is the most mysterious to Man.

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