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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oracles - 24th March 1990

FOR the astute, there are messages everywhere - signs and signals in the surrounding world. Tea leaves and the like are but small ways in which one can interpret the welling activities - and if one can observe, and learn to listen, the tiniest fragment can give up to a much larger picture, a window, so to speak, of conditions and forthcoming events. Often the pathways are marked out ahead of time, and there is a gap between occurrence and actuality.

Not that we recommend that this is a tool for spying or trying to take an advantage of another, but simply to indicate that: the clouds, the bird-life, the people who may visit, which side the penny falls, the time of day, the spores on a dandelion puff, the colours flashing in a fragmented crystal, the words in a book randomly chosen, the music from a wind chime - all of these and more significant others, can give an insight to the beholder who questions.

Fetishes are never good at best, obsessive consultation is not desirable. Such motivation will effect the card and lay way to false reading if overused. And of course the practice of laying oneself open to all suggestion is a practice which can weaken the will.

Ask a scientist who performs a test which involves a specific positive or negative reaction, if this is hocus-pocus to consult the material itself as to its property.

More importantly, learn to observe daily and allow the signs to become clearer in the unfolding of daily life. Then the appropriate deductions can be enforced, through this constant recognition and openness to all possibilities.

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