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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Conversation- 24th March 1990

It is better to have held to the silence,
than to have spoken a joke out of place.

WERE that our tongues were held more frequently! The spoken word is a sacred tool, and far be it for us to suggest that it is totally necessary for human consolation. The human being requires understanding on many levels, so often an understanding presence is all that has been asked for. So often those seek sanctuary and consolation from such an encounter: through the confines of a holy place, through prayer, or in the refuge of another's company.

More often than not, it is presence that is sought. The words are of very little consequence, and one has only to look at the conversations that take place in daily life, generally speaking. And when it comes to an important rendition, the words are difficult in coming and perhaps true meanings are veiled; even when effort is attempted. 

So saying this we may add that plain speech: straight and honest truth, is very hard to convey to ears that are unused to hearing. Vague innuendos and mainstream conversation has dulled the intellect yet further, into accustoming and converting to a lazy framework that issues little substance to attract aspiring thought.

The question then is: how to begin again, and renew the social art of conversation with vitality and vigor. A remedy can be of two direct courses, namely:
  1. The silence enjoyed before prayer, meditation or meetings, is an excellent clearing for the possibilities of pure speech.
  2. Completely objective, honest and poignant remarks have a refreshing effect of either beginning a useful interaction, or closely ending an un-useful conversation very quickly.
Of course this again must be objective. Little is to be gained by pointing out one's observation that his conversational partner has a nose like a honker!

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