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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mediocre Pastimes- 20th March 1990

THE MEDIOCRE pastime of the very wealthy has been to put all of reality to one side, in order to replace it with an illusory creation of their own. This can be of particular use to us, as there are individuals, who through certain result, have set perfect conditions in which they could fill the whole of their remaining life with constant and serious study. But instead the opportunities are sorely missed, much to the grief of the frivolous when all is said and done.

One might say that there is much to experience in worldly luxuries. Frivolity does not extend only to those with feeble intellect however, much comes from a brilliant mind - a strange quirk and contradiction that is regarded as incidental to all those who can seize such indulgences; but of itself it is a distinct and definite problem- the worm in the apple. Sadly enough, it is with those who have the means to provide for a better future, community and conditions for those around them - the very souls who pledged formerly, that they would move heaven and hell to make revolutionary changes.

Charity defies the worm of the heart. Progress is surely two steps forward and one step back (8). An emperor, a ruler, a governor, a general, must look towards the material that he has, and use it strategically as best he can. Today we review the situation with those who hold keys to influence the world, and question if it is not possible to awaken them, in order to encourage some moral moves and regain their reality.

Worldly affairs have in the past, been seen to hold ground to a spiritual undercurrent war. If this is the way we view it, our best people at present are for the main part, off sleeping in the village, whoring, feasting, and intoxicating - already captive, waiting only to be strung up and stuck like the pig on their roast.

However, radical changes can be brought into action. Mutual agreement can clothe dishonesty, a dishonesty that perpetuates frivolous values. You know the pressure in everyday conversation to continually bow to others in their frivolous pursuits. If a person relates to you with great eagerness an account of their primary functions, would it not be better to gently point out some fruitful activity that you yourself, would rather partake in, explaining that although this is not perhaps possible at present, great joy is derived from such and such an experience.

Needless to say, the word 'duty' will not invoke any pleasurable sensation; it will not stimulate any profound desire for them to follow your course.

But the first remedy is honesty from one soul to another, so as not to perpetuate that particular myth any further. Secondly, worms are anything but candid and do not like attention of themselves. Thirdly, disagreement will give the feeble enough of a shake-up, in order to attract momentarily their fleeting attention, to listen to you. And fourthly, if you manage to point to an inspired and wholly moral pastime for them to focus on, and resistance then follows to these ideas, remember that resistance is better than affirmation of dead-end pursuits, and that the soul does hear what is proposed- even though the digestion takes longer.

Striking the proverbial chord! The soul knows that it is hungry to maintain a much richer existence. Wake and shake the troops! There is no need to be condescending or judgmental. That is not a position that will win any result, but to stimulate with both love and vitality, a fresh approach to the abilities that this persona before you has, and the wondrous talents that he has to offer the world.
Quite often, even the very talented with outstanding abilities lack the self-confidence and self-image to believe themselves worthy of bringing about wonderful changes in the world. This needs to be re-inspired in them, their dignity needs to return. This is why it is essential that our task be directed in humility and with complete regard for the unfortunate folk who are temporarily taken with the illusion of worldly self-gratification and mindless pursuits.

Self-creativity is not dead within the individual, it is just slumbering. Acknowledgment from a brother is half the problem solved. And the consequence of reaching folk one by one, can reach the world in fantastic proportions if this is consciously attempted by those with goodwill, if it be tried.

You must not lack faith, read again what has been said, look to your own achievements and your own abilities and do not get drowsy.

The bulldozer methods of the moralists do not reach souls. The closed sects for the morally perfect have preferred to withdraw; the drowning need 'an arm up', from all who are in the boat. Do not underestimate the importance, even if effort appears lost in the trying, for it is not!

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