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Friday, April 17, 2009

Clouds & Etheric Fluids- 21st March 1990

THE lofty clouds that billow above the common Earth arise when the atmospheric conditions predominate. The well of the skies has a remarkable conjunct with imperial altitude, until which pressure drops and the load spills over, back down to the hungry ground below. It is the Earth itself that attracts this overflow, and the warmth above that gives rise to the endless spirals of condensation. Such interaction is dependent on the in-breathing and out-breathing of the planet herself.

Water is to the Earth, and the sustained life-forms upon the Earth, as the etheric forces, and their respective billowy vapors are to the subtle etheric world. Steeped in, and drawing down into, we attract a necessary sustainable etheric downpour, throughout our depleted system. Man's needs are somewhat more complex in his requirements and utilization of such a force. Regulation can be sporadic in comparison to the kingdoms below and their consumption of this life-renewing etheric rain.

The plant's supporting lifestream is ever constant, whereas Man himself requires a shift of consciousness in order to draw from the well of vital forces for constant renewal. By shift of consciousness, I refer to sleep - although sleep itself has many complicated modes and functions, depending on the quality of the sleep. Some factors render an individual incapable in some respects of drawing into themselves all of the necessary regulated vitality for functioning completely. And we should visualize the sickly as bathed in a warm golden sea of invigorating fluid, drawing it into themselves, permeated, refreshed and replenished by the waters supporting them.

Water translates to vapor through warmth, returning again to water when the vapour is repulsed by the atmospheric pressure of relative lack of warmth. Discharged etheric fluids translate into cosmic ether, condensing and channeling back into the world it sustains, it breathes in another inflow, and so forth.

As the watery tides are somewhat influenced by old mother Moon, the etheric masses and spirals are influenced by the reception of the Sun. When the Sun is at its highest point there is a drop in the etheric tide whilst the etheric world is as a conductor for the Sun's radiation, its function partially reaches overload at those two points in the Sun's day- the etheric breathing-in and breathing-out changeover times being midnight and midday. Most of the world functions in the light of day, but it is not only the light of the Sun that encourages us to do so.

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