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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Diametrics- 22nd April 1990

DIAMETRICS (not to be confused with the perversion of) is an exact science that holds formulas for thought and answers to problems set. The early game-masters were proficient in the art of Diametrics and applied such formulation to enhance the symbols and signs of intuitive instruction- much like the dice, cards, constellations and so forth.

All thought and perception thereof is fragmented. 

Perspectives and pictures as a whole, are to be regarded as a whole. Any question holds a solution in the total diameter; of which the question forms but a part. Essentially of course, one eventuates back to the question.

The castle has many rooms. We want to know in which room we must go in order to locate the kitchen. To find the kitchen we first envisage the whole castle. How many doors lead into and out of the castle? Suppose there are four. We have observed that the carts carrying supplies of food only enter through one door: which will lead us to the kitchen. We wish to know how to extract the yolk of an egg without breaking the shell, nor removing the white. Simple! Wait for the chick to be born of itself.

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