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Monday, April 27, 2009

Diana & Pharos- 1990

Specific instruction is necessary for those who cannot yet form the questions, you are welcome to ask and we urge that for your own peace of mind that you try. It is not always possible for a message to get through to a closed mind however, and so pick some middle ground and we can both try our best.

You have already had a question this morning regarding fleas. Such parasites feed form a warmth-activated body, harbouring their infestation. May we suggest that bathing in oiled water will desist these aggravations?

Cold black tea makes an excellent compress for aggravated skin.

DIANA OF ACROPOLIS was a goddess of the moon. She bore a sickle and a lamp, wearing a girdle upon which a gourd was strung.

Diana bore two children one of whom was wolf-faced; one was a pure child. Hieronikos was her lover, and his shield deflected the lower worlds. Hieronikos rode astride a chariot that bore great tusks.

[Note: Hieronikos means “Sacred Victor”.] 
Pharos of Thebes was an orator and professional conversationalist. His arguments were greatly prized. Gourmet philosophy abounded. When the babe's head was anointed it was with the blessing of a cunningly quick mind. Words were as spears, conversation was sophisticated amongst the upper-class. Cleverness was rewarded, the enlightened bore society's medals. Such were a proud race, with little inner activity. They were the torch bearers of intelligence, the fathers of new thought.

The trial of demotion is difficult for the soul who so proudly took part in this past epoch. Devotion was not charity - there was little place for mutual regard in this dynamic environment which the sciences first grew out of.

Streams of individuals encompassed an intelligence that surpassed their capacity to love. The combat of thought was perceived the arena of humanity, past devotions paled when wit matched wit. Small wonder that this gave way to slavery, as the champions of society were clearly defined.

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