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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Skeptics- 8th May 1990

Pyrrho- founder of skepticism
THE word 'skeptical' came from the Maharajah's scepter - to mean as with the orb-like globe that sat atop the baton, "to have an all round view". Thus, to be skeptical was not only to indulge in just one given opinion upon a particular, but to have an encompassing approach, as most subjects require.

To consider a subject must surely be from its entirety, and this task is mastered by a certain few. However challenging, the endeavor is meritorious in the least, as good practice for the concepts to come - not discounting any information or view, but to see its place in the whole conceptual truth.
The seer-gazer's crystal sphere was but an embodiment of such a whole perspective. And interestingly enough, the user must give over to all possibilities before gazing within. The revelations are dependent on this condition of submission to the truth.

Rather today, thoughts can crystallize almost as received, and the hardening process echoes the world of thought that man entertains, grasps and 'materializes'. The material world is just that - and hard and fast it is interpreted. Those who dwell in that consciousness with firm rooting are now given over moreover, to the title of 'skeptic', which has become a term that has turned.

To some it can become an unbearable burden when the thoughts are no longer fluid, living and growing, but have amassed within the contiguity of the structure; and such crustaceans are loosened with the effects of alcohol and the like for a time, to ease the sores of heavily crystallized thought. Of course such remedy is haphazard and dangerous, as all concepts are loosened and thrown to the wind, as it were. But it is the closest some souls get within incarnation to free-thinking and the spiritual freedom (mistakenly), that the soul desires.

Thus dependence may be found in the character of the 'skeptic' today, or rather those who are materialistically entrenched to the point where their processes crave release that cannot be found within their own capabilities. Therefore the path to reform for such individuals is through their thinking processes, in aspiring in spiritual teachings and considerations, in devotion, etc.

The means of inducing the loosening process by artificial means is only to release and scatter thought long dead. Living thought however, is nourishment for the mind and soul, which cannot be artificially consumed in any way other than by 'living' thinking in the first place.
Certain foods can have a profound effect on the crystal/fluidic structure of the thought received. Also, the child can be severely marked aurically in the beginning of his life, depending on the conditions within the childhood dream period and the nourishment of such free-thinking (imagination, so-called).

[Pyrrho was the founder of skepticism, but are the many "Pyrrho-maniacs" today, true to his original intentions? When Alexander the Great took in India as part of his "world discovery tour", Pyrrho and his teacher Anaxarchus accompanied him. Whilst on the subcontinent he hobnobbed with the Gymnosophistaî, the Naked Philosophers. It is speculated that Buddhism influenced his ideas. Ed. ]

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