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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Icon Gateway- 1st April 1990

MANY an icon becomes a portable doorway for the devoted and their devotions to enter through such, with prayers and communion to the beloved Helpers. With intent and fixation these primitive depictions become meditative foci for all those who approach such doorways and windows. 

Before we may enter a house we need a door to pass through. Consolidation as such provides such an entry. The aspiring have given much importance to holy objects and depictions that become endowed with a powerful impress, and transformed with golden auric glow - such as the crowning halo.

Calling on Heaven is far more desirable to fixing one's thoughts on the woes of the world. Which of the two is the permanent reality? Which sustains?

Meditations are enriching to the soul and conveyances for the travel of divine contemplation are to be regarded. Beauty and sanctuary were once the offerings of the temples and churches of worship and the healthy basis of enriched thought.

We do not suggest gaudiness to replace tastefulness, but if a house of worship is to be set aside for such a purpose, one could work on an environ that best rejoices in the fantastic representations of the glory of the higher worlds.

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